Q – You told me that your product was the one used by doctors. My friend told me that the ones used by doctors, the “real” HCG has to be mixed by the doctor or pharmacy. Why is your mixed already?

A – The homeopathic hCG we sell is the one used by homeopathic doctors and/or other health care professionals versed in homeopathy. It cannot be purchased in a retail store. It is available through those that are doctor affiliated only. Homeopathic remedies are premixed under strict guidelines and follow a different set of rules.

Q – If I actually test it on a pregnancy kit, will it show the hormone as a positive hit?

A – No it would not. The amount of hCG prescribed is very miniscule. I would also mention that hCG is a glycol-protein found in every cell of the human body also in miniscule amounts. When pregnant, it is released in massive amounts, hence the positive result on a pregnancy test strip.

Q – If I gain more than two pounds during Phase III, do I still do a “steak day” like Phase II?

A – You could however I don’t recommend this. What you need to do once you are done with Phase II and have gained more than two pounds, is cut back. You should be eating approximately 2,000 calories a day to maintain your weight. There are lots of variables to gaining weight. This is why we recommend that you have hormone levels tested. Many times, imbalances are the cause for weight gain in the first place. It is important to have a balanced body so that weight lost during the protocol doesn’t return.

Q – Is deli meat okay for Phase I if it’s 100% organic and comes from grass fed animals?

A – No. Deli meat is still processed. You want to consume food that is as close to nature as possible. You also want to be sure it is as lean as possible. There is no way to monitor what is put into processed deli meats, organic or not.

Q – I successfully completed a 23 day program with you about 3 months ago. I would like to begin another program to shed the rest of the weight. I still have a full bottle that I purchased before. Is this still OK or do I need to buy another bottle?

A – What you have is fine. There is an expiration date on the bottle. Check it to be sure. If you need more is dependent on how much you use of the homeopathic solution and the length of time you plan on being on the protocol. You can always order another bottle in the middle of a protocol and have it in plenty of time to continue.

Q – I bought kale instead of chard, can I substitute?

A – No. If kale was allowed it would be on the list. Why it isn’t is not known to me but what is known is that certain foods have various reasons for being allowed on the protocol. Chard is from the beet family and beet greens are allowed on the protocol during Phase I. Chard is also similar to spinach and again, spinach is allowed on Phase I of the protocol. Chard also has more iron and it could be for this nutritional reason alone that Dr. Simeons chose it as an allowable vegetable.

Q – Is mineral oil ok to use during Phase I of the program?

A – Oil is oil is oil is oil. No. Do not use mineral oil on Phase I and my advice beyond Phase I is never use mineral oil, ever. It comes from petroleum! It is a clear and colorless by product of distillation, a petrochemical product! Why would you want to put that on your skin? Can you drink it safely? If you can’t, don’t put it on your skin. Whatever goes on your skin, ends up in your body.

Q – What weight do I use for the +/- 2 lb window for Phase II? The last day I use hCG or the last day of the 500 calorie diet?

A – Technically, on the last two days of Phase I, even though you are not ingesting hCG, your body is still utilizing it. In other words, you are still in detox/weight loss mode. When you are done adhering to the 500 calorie structure of the protocol, you will focus on that weight number. In other words, whatever weight you are on day 1 of Phase II, is your new weight goal. This is what you want to maintain and stay within the two pound rule guidelines for Phase II.

Q – Can we get our hair colored while using hCG?

A – You can, however, I advise against it. The salon is more than likely going to use a product to wash it off and/or condition the hair that contains oils. Also, your body is going through enough trying to handle ridding itself of toxins. Why add to that pressure and stress? Get your hair colored just before going into Phase I. That is what I advise to my clients.

Q – I know you’re not supposed to eat the same thing twice in a day, but is it ok to eat two apples as my fruit choices during Phase I?

A – Yes, however, it is best to eat two different fruits in order to maximize nutrient intake. All fruits have varying amounts of nutrients and we are trying to make sure you make the most of what you get from the foods available. If you must, duplicate the apple as infrequent as possible.

Q – I’m sure most won’t ask this, but probably wonder … what about the oils that our bodies produce? How do they affect the work of the hCG? How much does personal hygiene play a part in whether or not I’m losing weight at a good pace during Phase I?

A – I don’t think there is a lot of affect in terms of losing quicker or slower. If your body is getting rid of excess oils and you see it from the outside, I would think that is a good thing. As for personal hygiene, I think it is very important to dry brush daily and if you can use a dry heat, far infrared sauna, all the better. You will be brushing off dead cells with the dry brush and sweating toxins out through the skin with the sauna. After the sauna, I would take a quick shower to remove any toxins that hit the skin surface but didn’t get a change to run off from the sweat.

Q – Are any substitutions allowed in Phase 1 from the list supplied?

A – No. If it is on the list, you can have it. If it is not, you can’t.

Q – Do you have to drink the teas?

A – No, however, tea can assist in the detoxification process and can also be very satisfying during times that hunger may set in. I might add that the hunger is usually the result of mental habits and has nothing to do with true hunger. See some useful purposes of various teas below.

Some tea does have a purpose, however. For instance, Yebra Matte with caffeine can be great morning pick-me-up and it is higher in antioxidants than green tea. Green tea is a great cell cleanser which is what you are trying to accomplish anyway. Chamomile tea is very calming and stress reducing and can help with digestion. I recommend a cup before bedtime. Eleotin tea is great for times when low sugar levels may creep in.

Q – What can I order if I have to eat in a restaurant on Phase 1?

A – Bring your food with you. I have done this many times. Wait staff understand and can focus on the other patrons without having to worry if the kitchen is getting your specifications exact. If you get stuck, however, steamed shrimp and plain lettuce leaves work best.

Q – What kind of soap can I use?

A – Organic soap or soap without any of the poison or toxic ingredients is recommended. Also find a soap that is oil free.

Q – Why are no oils allowed on program?

A – No oils are allowed because the hCG will attach to the oils rather than your stored fat cells. The goal is for the hCG to attack your stored fat cells, not newly ingested oil.

Q – Can I have gum or mints while on hCG?

A – No. I am not a fan of either. Chewing sets off the digestion process in the stomach. If you chew and release digestive enzymes, what do they have to digest? The answer is nothing. Drinking plenty of water and flushing bad smelling toxins out is your best bet along with sipping some mint tea!

Q – Why No Breakfast?

A – This is the time of the day when the hCG will seek out the most fat cells.