Keeping It Off

This protocol is a journey, not a destination. The importance of having a coach vs going it yourself is simply put, as having guidance to maximize effectiveness and overall success. Honestly, I did this without a coach. All I had was Dr. Simeons manuscript, a vial of hCG and some needles. I was petrified but forged ahead because I was also sick of being sick and tired of being fat! If I had a coach, I could have had my questions answered, remained calm and stress free, lost weight quicker and would have enjoyed the experience. If you are using hCG for the purpose of detoxification only, make sure you insist on having a coach. It is particularly important to aid in the tweaking of the program when protocol adjustments are necessary.

You have the opportunity I didn’t have by hiring me to coach you. Having done the program on several occasions (I’m a researcher at heart), I assure you that what is written is tried and true by me personally. As I learn and grow, rest assured I will share that knowledge with you.

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