Vaccine Woes Are Not Just In America

worldmapI was reading an article from Lynne McTaggart’s Magazine/Blog “WDDTY – What Doctors Don’t Tell You.” I felt it important enough to just pass it along to you in its entirety as it is written. I can’t say it any better …

“We have another outbreak of measles over here in the British Isles, this time in Wales, and this time the press is backpedalling furiously to distance itself from its own headlines of a decade ago warning parents that measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) triple shot may cause autism.

Even Jeremy Paxman, the acerbic, takes-no-prisoners host of the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Newsnight, has silenced any voices of dissent. On two programs, he featured a panel entirely composed of pro-vaccine ‘experts’ and spent most of the time ranting about why we ought to have compulsory vaccination.

If I were Jeremy Paxman, and I had someone from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization in front of me, here’s are the top six questions I’d want answers to:

  1. Of those who have caught measles, how many were actually vaccinated? A pharmacist wrote in to our magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You recently to report that at least three adolescents who contracted measles were up to date with their shots. This is not unusual. As the Centers for Disease Control and Protection admits, ‘In some large outbreaks . . .over 95 per cent of cases have a history of vaccination.”
  2. If the vaccine does not cause autism, why does Merck, the manufacturer, list autism as a side effect given to doctors but not patients? And why have Italian and American courts awarded damages to the parents of children who developed autism after having the MMR?
  3. Exactly how dangerous is measles? There are 3000 cases a year here, and in the last 20 years there has been one death – a child with a congenital immunodeficiency.
  4. Why are you telling parents the vaccine is perfectly safe? As Merck readily admits to doctors (but not parents), the vaccine causes everything from deafness to neurological disorders to death. Anything that can kill my children is not, in my book, ‘perfectly safe’.
  5. Why are you getting hysterical about an outbreak? If the vaccine works as well as you say it does, those who are vaccinated will be protected. Those who didn’t vaccinate have exercised their right to choose to protect their children by other means. Or they don’t believe you in your attempts to demonize measles as a massive killer.
  6. Why did you keep secret important concerns about the MMR before it was launched? (WDDTY got hold of these secret documents – the story’s in our April 2013 issue)

Recently we had dinner with friends of ours whose son, now 15, developed autism after getting the MMR. At one point the husband leaned over to me and asked the question I’d dreaded all evening: ‘Have you covered anything lately about the MMR lately?’

I had to tell him that, yes, we had. We’d just published the contents of those secret documents showing that in 1981, the government had extensive information about serious adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine, but kept all this from parents and pressed ahead with the vaccine’s release seven years later. And continued to keep continued revelations about vaccine dangers hidden.

I kept wondering how he felt when he heard that news – how I’d feel if I knew that a decision I’d made based on false information from the government and the medical profession had destroyed my child’s life.

In that case, the only question that would matter was just this, and I’d level it not only at the government but also newspapers like the Guardian, which was caught just a few years ago taking down information on its website that criticized the vaccine: ‘At what point is anyone going to begin telling me the truth?’”

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