OTHER Revitalizer Plus Hexagonal Water System

The Revitalizer Plus Hexagonal Water System includes a FREE eCrystal along with two mineral baskets!!!

Revitalized hexagonal structured water can erase the negative imprinting found in most waters, filtered or otherwise. This can reduce the effect of the endless flood of “low energy”, or “negative information,” that inundates the body from water typically consumed on a daily basis. Revitalized water provides the body with a natural resource of positive information, allowing the body to prioritize its health restoration efforts.

Save Money!

Make UNLIMITED high energy water, for about the cost of one case of certain Therapeutic Energy waters or concentrates. WHY SPEND ALL THAT MONEY ON BOTTLED WATERS?

The VITALIZER PLUS hexagonal water appliance now super oxygenates, micro clusters, mineralizes (slightly alkaline), and energizes any pure water IN MINUTES! Therapeutic higher energy water can be obtained in less than an hour.
Simple To Use:

As simple to use as a blender. Outstanding for healing protocols, high energy water fasts and for great tasting drinking water the whole family or office can enjoy. Convenient 9, 18, and 27 minute timer allows you to determine the energy level desired. Great for hydrating organic greens powders and nutritional shakes.
Well Researched:

Scientific research from many studies found in the newly translated book “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” makes a strong, well documented case for the observed presence of hexagonal water around healthy cells and organs and five sided or Penta water structures around cancer cells and sick organs. Magnetically produced hexagonal water is the most stable according to research, vs. structured water produced by ionizers.
How Does It Work?

The Vitalizer Plus technology uses stronger magnetics, enhanced natural far infrared emitting ceramic, mineral stones, coral calcium, tourmaline and a vortexing water tornado” to draw out the natural “LIVING NATURE” of water and maximize the presence of hexagonal structures. This process replicates Nature’s own methods of revitalizing water when it is allowed to flow in rivers and streams. This has been well documented in the books and lectures by Dr. Carl Baugh of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glenrose, Texas. He describes how water naturally forms vortexes when flowing around stones and other objects, oxygenates by flowing over stones and little water falls, receives far infrared enhancement from the earth and stones and magnetics from granite type rocks and the earths natural magnetic field.

When you drink Vitalized hexagonal water, whether from that rare clean natural stream or from your Vitalizer Plus, you will notice that it does not sit in your stomach. Instant absorption is accomplished by the micro clustering process. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI) has shown the Vitalizer Plus water clusters to be as small as 63 hz. Few if any bottled concentrates or waters have found structures this small. This super wetting hexagonal structure carries the extra oxygen, energy and ionic minerals deep into the cellular environment in seconds. Kidneys are relieved from processing “unused” water. Only the water that has been utilized by the body need be processed out the kidneys. Obviously, better hydration enhances all body functions.

Combine the cost of any top of the line Essential reverse osmosis system with the Vitalizer Plus and you still pay less than many of the questionable water ionizers or gimmicks now on the market. This includes the acid/alkaline machines, sometimes called water ionizers. Even the fragile, no warranty, ionizing “space ship” distillers with their outrageous claims can’t compet e with this technology in cost, taste, effect or warranty.

Mineral basket replacement optimizes performance. Estimated at 4-12 months, depending on useage. Estimated cost retail, $89.
Strong 5 year Guarantee:

One year full repair or replacement, Five years repair or replacement for a maximum charge of $60 per incident.

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