PRODUCTS/SERVICES Doctor-Supported Detoxification – Quick Start Program

Only for clients who have had hormone testing completed.

Hormone Testing and 23-Day Injectable Detox Program Kits

  • 21-Vial Injectable Detox Kit
  • Male/Female Saliva Hormone Testing Kit (results sent to doctor for evaluation)Doctor Supported Detoxification
  • Rx for blood labs (analysis only with results sent to doctor for evaluation)
  • Doctor evaluation and written recommendation from test results
  • Rx for any BHRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) necessary
  • Telephone support
  • Seven weeks of personal detox/weight loss coaching
  • Unlimited hormone replacement therapy coaching
  • Free participation in weekly group teleconference calls
  • 1-Year membership to AVFC members-only web site

This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get started on your path to healing with the New Medicine Foundation. The Quick-Start Program is exactly that: a quick start to ultimate health, or just a quick tune up to past health already achieved. Quick Start plans provide a 3 week detoxification, a prescription for full NMF blood work labs to check internal biochemical balance (price does not include actual testing – only the analysis – blood test can be arranged through your medical insurance), and a male or female specific hormone panel to check the all important hormone levels including DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrone, estradiol, estriol, LH and FSH for females and DHEA, Androstenedione, Testosterone, Progesterone, DHT, Estrone, LH and FSH for males (this includes the testing as well as the analysis). Quick Start plans are best for those not far from ideal health with minimal to no medication usage or current or past serious medical illnesses. Quick Start plans are also good for the annual preventative tune-up often times recommended for past NMF patients. Please note there is no thorough personalized medical evaluation or continuing care provided with the Quick Start Program. For those with significant illnesses or medication management needs, one of the other more extensive plans is recommended. For further information, visit or contact Donna Appel through A Voice For Change.

Payment plans available and include $350 per month for three months through the doctor’s office


Find out about the NMF $99 a month plan and pay it off over the course of a year.

Item #700-01

*Sublingual Program Also Available