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The Hungry for Hugs Foundation was born from my desire to want to help those in pain, to heal.  While I don’t think it will cure eating disorders or any disorder for that matter, I do think it is the beginning of another revolution, the beginning of a healing process, a healing revolution.  It is the first step that one can take down a sometimes painful path.  It is my feeling that if we are going to put an end to anything, it can all begin with a hug and then go on to educate.  

Hugs make people feel connected.  Hugs can be self-inflicted.  You don’t need anyone to give you a hug.  Think about that.  When was the last time you gave yourself a hug?  Amazing right?  Do it and see how you feel.  Give yourself permission to hug that wounded child within.  Instead of suppressing the emotions and pain of that wounded child, instead of being a victim, learn to give that child, that wounded being, some TLC.  Visualize whatever pain you harbor from within and allow it to come out.  Hold it, feel it, love it, embrace it, accept it.  You can’t change it, you can’t change what once was but you can change what will be.  You can change your reaction to that pain.  You can give it a hug when it emerges. 

What I have come to realize is that those wounds, that pain, has made me the person I am today.  Without those lessons and that pain and hurt, I would not be the person I am right at this very moment.  What I have come to realize is that I can’t know love if I don’t know hate.  I can’t know happiness if I don’t know sadness.  I have become thankful for the negative happenings in my life.  I have realized that they really are not negative at all.  Those events, those memories have allowed me to appreciate the opposites.  They have given me permission to feel both sides and make a choice.  

Today I make another choice.  I make the choice to share.  I make the choice to get out there and start that hug revolution, a healing revolution.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have wanted to reach through cyber-space or a phone connection and hug a client on the other end.  When frustration sets in for anyone, a hug will go further than any spoken word in making a difference.  When a milestone is reached, a hug is the best way to say “Congratulations”!  When a loved one is in pain, a hug is the best medicine.  When you want to say I love you, say it with a hug instead of a word.  As I have discovered personally, that action, not the word, had the impact.  A hug is forever.   

We need to get back to basics.  Food is not for celebrating life, it is for sustaining life.  Food should not be used for feeling life, it is for nourishment.  Food is not for numbing pain, it is for strength so we can feel the pain and do something about it.  We need to have hug feasts, not food feasts.  We need to get out there and reach out the way we used to.  Whatever happened to barn raisings?  Remember, someone would lose their house or barn to the ravages of fire or nature and the community would get together and build it back again.  There are television shows like Extreme Makeover that in actuality deal with the same purpose.  Maybe instead of calling them barn raisings or extreme makeovers, we should have called them “Extreme Hugs”.  That would encompass a wide range of just about anything and would really give everyone the sense and true meaning of what is really happening.  . 

 My extreme hug has a nick name “Hungry for Hugs”.  It is in its infancy stage but I warn you it is contagious.   I urge you to take action.  Get involved, get your mind off of your pain and suffering and reach out.  Reach out for a hug, reach out for a book that can hug you and help you.  Reach out to family, community and to our planet.  Everyone can always use a hug.  Help me perpetuate a revolution. 

To find out more about the Hungry for Hugs Foundation and/or to make a donation to this 501.3c applied for charity and/or to get involved and help me perpetuate the hugs and the foundation, (I have a ton of ideas and need help launching), contact me at

Wishing you happiness, hugs & great health always,


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Donna Appel is an hCG weight loss coach, Reconnective Healing® practitioner, author of The How to Book for HCG Weight Loss and founder of A Voice For Change. To find out more about Donna or AVFC, visit Donna’s goal to organize a platform that is dedicated to putting an end to obesity and yoyo dieting through the creation of a hug revolution devoted to self love, healing, and the connection between food and pain.