email-icon-614x460Donna, Thanks so much for being a part of the Premier Weight Loss program! It’s wonderfully effective. I am very happy with the

This year, I started the program on 1/7/15 weighing 140 pounds. When I started hCG I weighed 136. I had gained 2 pounds after gorging for 2 days. Now I weigh 127. I’ve lost 13 pounds overall, 4 pounds on VGB and 9 pounds so far on hCG.

I’ve been very busy, much more so than I was last year. I’m happy to say that despite the busy-ness of my schedule, I’m adhering to the program and losing weight.

I’m on day 21 of the HCG program and I’m planning to continue for maybe 10 to 15 more days in order to get to 120 pounds.

I love the combined PWL/HCG program! This is the only one that has worked for me. It’s really very effective. Thanks again so much for your support. Hugs, JT, California

email-icon-614x460I luv you guys! You certainly saved me! My PCP cannot explain “my turnaround”. He said “your bloodworkup is the best in all the years I followed you. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. Then he commenced to hand me five scrips for synthetic drugs—-which, I discarded.

Keep working your mission! Again this thanksgiving holiday season, I am so vocally thankful Caroline Sutherland placed Dr. Pearson in my path. I am constantly complimented on my “youthful glow”.

Again, Thank You Dr. Pearson and team! Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to you and yours! Ever more NMF success in 2015!

Thank you MKW, Florida

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna, I just wanted to reach out and let you know I really enjoyed your book and definitely appreciate the layout.  The information contained therein is quite familiar to me, but your comprehensive explanation was very informative.  Thank you very much. AB, California

email-icon-614x460I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and our group. I have lost a total of 13 pounds (I have slid off the protocol a few times which is why I want the VGB top-off). You are a terrific coach and guide and your personal experience and stories are so inspiring and motivating. You speak with an authentic voice and say what you mean and mean what you say and I love that about you. I am so grateful I found you! You are the best Donna! With love and gratitude, CP, New York

email-icon-614x460Hey Donna. Wanted to say Thank You for your great program and coaching. You were right, staying on the program a few extra days did the trick for me. I lost a total of 19.5 pounds on the program. Happy with that.

I loved all the info you shared with us about GMO and food industry. If you do have a club or sessions that get together on the web, I would love to know about that.

I have used Tapping for going through a divorce. I have also used it for getting rid of a terrible habit. Use it frequently just to clear the stress of the day. I have a very busy job. I am a OB/Gyn Nurse Practitioner.

Thank you so much. Love and Light. KR, Arizona

email-icon-614x460Since April 1 I have lost 55 lbs using combination of VGB and HCG … thank you God, Body and Caroline and Donna for your guidance… Thanks so much….. -DF, Arizona

email-icon-614x460Donna, I wanted to thank you for my remote Reconnective session. I was incredibly relaxed when we finished and just rested in bed for about 1/2 hour after. During the session I wasn’t aware of anything significant happening, but did have a sensation of warmth on my left side and had the most amazing kaleidoscope of colours happening behind my eyes: the end result was total calm and relaxation. Thank you again. -P, Canada

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna!
You’re the Best coach I’ve met with your programs, website and radio, etc. ~ thanks for offering this opportunity to ask Dr. Pearson a question. -KD, California

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna,
The first time I did the program with you following Caroline’s detox, it worked well, but the importance of Phase 2 was not apparent to me. And finding the information I needed in the audio replays wasn’t so convenient though great for keeping me motivated. Plus I was probably too nervous about Phase 1, how to do it correctly and lose enough weight that at that point I didn’t care about what to expect in Phase 2. By the time I reached it I was just so relieved to not be on the restricted calorie diet anymore!

Having your book to refer to has been a Godsend. I have re-read the Phase 2 section(s) a few times. Even referred to it last night because by the time I got home from work I realized my legs were swelling up which meant I didn’t eat enough protein on Day 1 of P2! Your book mentions that it is important to eat enough protein when you start Phase 2 else your body will think it’s in starvation mode and we will experience hunger edema. So for dinner I had a chunk of beef cabbage casserole, a piece of chicken, and two pork meatballs! I also had a cup of Smooth Move tea for good measure!

Today I am up almost a pound but I did eat a lot last night. My edema though is gone!

And what I’d like to do – as you mentioned – is to eat like a king at breakfast and a pauper at dinner time. In the past I always did the complete opposite.

I believe your program and coaching are awesome and have recommended it to friends looking to lose weight. I think it just may sound a bit scary for them given the VLC diet. It’s too bad because until folks try it, they won’t know how beyond amazing it is!! – ML, California

email-icon-614x460I think it’s great how you emphasize over and over again how important it is to weigh ourselves daily because it is so true that it’s much easier to lose 2 lbs than it is 10! And that sometimes you’ll gain weight, the 10 lbs, and not see it at all until it’s too late. So I will be sure to weigh myself each morning!

I also want you to know that I absolutely love, love, love your book, being able to reference it along with being able to relisten to your past audios have been invaluable to my success on the program. Thank you so much for sharing both!!! – ML, California

email-icon-614x460I have done fairly well. I have gained some weight back but my big news is that my Liver enzymes are normal for the first time in many years. I have contacted Bianca and have another 45 day hcg protocol ordered. So in about another week I will be starting. Thank you for all your help! – KS, Illinois

email-icon-614x460I started taking the progesterone/dhea prescribed by Dr. Pearson again, and have been feeling great. My current weight is about 105 to 108, switched to eating as a vegetarian, and feel quite energized especially after doing Bhakti yoga. Again, thank you. – LH, Hawaii

email-icon-614x460Thanks so much Donna and thanks very much for the links. I will definitely check them out. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do. It’s really appreciated! All the best – CP, New York City

email-icon-614x460I am very grateful for Dr. Pearson’s help with my PPD after having my daughter. Panic attacks, extreme anxiety, and depression controlled me during what should have been a joyous time in my life. Instead, I was in such a low and dark place – desperate for help. I felt completely discouraged, helpless, and filled with fear. Dr Pearson and his staff went above and beyond my expectations to provide the care I needed as quickly as possible. I hung up the phone the day of the consultation feeling that there was hope, and it put a big smile on my face. After taking the progesterone, I started feeling normal again. I am forever grateful for Dr. Pearson. I no longer fear PPD with my next delivery, because I know how to prevent and/or treat it. I share my story to help spread the word about bio-identical progesterone being such a wonderful alternative to taking anti-depressant medication. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! – AM, Illinois

email-icon-614x460As of the end of the HCG I was down 20 lbs, which was my goal!!

I started the program at 152 and last day on HCG I was 132.4. I lost 4 inches from my waist, which is now 28 inches instead of 32. And 2 inches from hips/thighs and an inch from my arms. I went from a size 8-10 to a size 6. I also got rid of aches, pains and rashes I had.

This is the best thing I have ever done! I have done a million diets in my life, but none of them really addressed my relationship with food and it’s purpose. I had never learned how to deal with my head hunger like this before. I am clear on what it takes to be healthy and willing to do whatever I need to because I feel great!

Thank you both for all your support and loving kindness. It was definitely a process for me and I did it! Many Blessings! – FR, Wisconsin

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna, All is well. I feel great. I’m sleeping soundly and energy is good. I’m just having a little trouble keeping that last 25 pounds off. So a little detox is probably a good thing right now to bring me within range that I should be in. It’s all a process isn’t it? Generally I feel decades younger than I did before all this. – TM, Phoenix AZ

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna: It is nice to hear from you. I completed Phase II the day before Thanksgiving. I lost a total of 29 lbs. and as I indicated before I am off all medications except for the hormones prescribed by Dr. Pearson. I had knee surgery two weeks before Thanksgiving and I am doing very well. I am taking your advice and will not start the final hCG 21 day until after the Holidays. I am considering doing more hCG to complete the total weight loss I would like to see. I’ve slipped during these Holidays with the sweets but let me tell you I can really tell when I have had sugar. One thing that this program has done for me is take away the cravings. I really do eat very well and hope to continue to learn and improve even more. I hope that you have a great Holiday Season. – Blessings, Karen, Illinois

email-icon-614x460My hair is finally growing back in and stopped falling out. Feeling better than I have in years. I am still off of my blood pressure meds and my depression meds and doing great. I was even in the newspaper during my job and looked great and proud of me too,. I couldn’t have done that without you all. 80 pounds makes a huge difference. I wish I lived closer to see you in person. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I LOVE DONNA’S BOOK, it has helped me understand a lot. It is a wonderful and loving book! – JG, California

email-icon-614x460Donna,  I am so thankful that I did your program.  I knew I could not meet my goals on my own and needed a structured program so when I learned that you work with Caroline Sutherland and Dr. Pearson, it was a no-brainer for me.  Once I began the program, I started kicking and screaming and knew that part of me was hitting resistance but I stuck it out.  I did what you said I should do – followed the program and was able to loose 12.5 pounds.  Today I am 1 pound away from my desired weight goal and feeling fabulous and looking good too! I have a renewed love for cooking and nourishing my body with good foods and not looking forward to my next sugary Chai Latte (which I no longer crave). Through your program, I realized how much sugar I was consuming and found it quite scary.  The emotional issues that were keeping me back were resolved so much so that I enrolled myself as a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition – training to be a health coach.  I am stepping up and living my divinity and plan to serve others when it comes to cleaning up their diets and lifestyles.  Thank you for being that gentle nudge for me!  With much gratitude, – Debra, California

email-icon-614x460Thanks Donna, yes I heard it on the podcast on Tuesday, It was a great program.Thanks for letting me know.  You and Doc are doing tremendous work in waking everyone up – I hope you get a lot of listeners.  I do share your podcasts with others, such as students of Integrative Medicine.

The points you make are intelligent and I agree with them, we must listen to or read some of the same resources.  I am so glad I found you. – Blessings, Kathy, California

email-icon-614x460I am feeling much better overall. I’m pretty surprised by that.  And I am still taking the hormones and the daily supplement.   As far as appearance, I don’t know if others can tell or not, but I know my clothes are hanging off of me now (not a complaint).  I must have lost 2-3 inches off my waist. – Gordon, Florida

email-icon-614x460Thank you Donna!  You are terrific and a wonderful coach and supporter!  I feel great!  – Mary, Illinois

email-icon-614x460I lost 12 pounds. I lost 2.5 inches in chest, almost 3 inches in waist, 1 inch hips, 2.5 thigh, 1 inch arms and can fit into my jeans again!  That is pretty impressive if you ask me. I would like to loose some more in the abdomen and get my weight down another 3 pounds to bring me to 115.  That is my ultimate goal but very happy at 118/119 also.

Donna, got to tell you that even though I signed up for this, when it began, I kicked and screamed and fought it but so glad I stuck it out and saw it through to the end of phase 1.  Phase 2 is going well also and I am back to working out regularly (so much easier when your 12 pounds lighter!). When I see a overweight person, I just see toxins and my heart pings with pain and empathy for them.  Luckily I got my situation under control quickly.  I’m only 5′ so weighing 130.6 was not good.  Thank you!  – Debra, California

email-icon-614x460Just to let you know I have lost 27 lbs. and am now off of all medications which included Lexapro, Zanex, Prilosec.  I did have my hormones balanced with Dr. Pearson and I sleep like a baby.  My joints are no longer hurting.  I am the client with NASH level 3 and I no longer have liver pain.  That in itself is a blessing.  Taking care of the Liver issue is my most critical achievement, as one more level and I would be on the transplant list.  I will be starting another 21 day hcg as I am on the Elite program and I am contemplating going longer to finish taking all the weight off and detoxing. Thank you for your help and I will keep you up to date. – Karen, Illinois

email-icon-614x460I am doing great and have lost at least 25 pounds to date (didn’t weigh the first 2 days).  You and Tina are two of my favorite gals in the world and I am sooo grateful for your love and support.  Thank you for getting me back on track! – Hugs, Sandy, California

email-icon-614x460The week before I started phase I, I went to my Homeopathic doc and he found my hypothalamus off.  Weeks prior to this visit I was feeling bad, my immune system was off and my thyroid was off, I didn’t feel good at all.  This detox/hCG protocol came around in divine time.  When I decided to do this detox i had no idea it was with hcg.  When I found out it was hCG I was concerned, I had seen people go on this and regain more weight then they had lost! Knowing Tina was doing this let me know it was a good thing to do, and now I totally agree.  I am in week 2 of Phase II and feel awesome, this came along at the perfect time in my life.  I am so thankful and appreciative of everything I have learned.  I know my body is happy and that gives me strength and encouragement to carry on this life style.   I read your book front to back and I found it an easy and interesting read, I love the positive quotes and the simplicity of this eating regime.  The guidelines are simple, I can’t think of any negative info in the book.  It’s nice to know you have been through this and can share your story.  I plan to do this detox once a year, my body, mind, and spirit needs this.  This made me appreciate the taste of food and made me aware of what I was putting into my body.  Last week i went out of town for three days, went to a retirement party, and birthday party, my weight went up 2 pounds.  Weighing every day makes me aware of what is going on with my weight, i was able to get back on track and lose the 2 pounds without the steak dinner.  Traveling made it difficult to drink water, i did make the right food choices as best i could. I know i can do this traveling and attending celebrations.  Thanks for your support and coaching! – Bridget, Arizona

email-icon-614x460Thank you Donna! I appreciate your guidance. I am extending my hCG protocol (injections), I feel great and want to keep the momentum going. I am so appreciative of your guidance and coaching; I am recommending you to anyone I know who is considering hCG. I know of others on hCG and am surprised at some of the guidance they are being given or not being given. Your coaching on hCG is the best way to go in my opinion! Have a wonderful weekend! – Mary, Illinois

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna, I just wanted to drop you a quick line. I have been following your site on the internet – I was guided there pretty much by Caroline Sutherland because of Hormone Balancing. Which I did thru NMF. I am really happy and feel blessed to have found myself on this path. Thank you for being you and I really appreciate your honesty and encouragement that health can be better.   Kind regards, – DD Norway

email-icon-614x460Again – I cannot tell you how wonderful your program was with Caroline last year – I felt terrific and you were a wonderful coach.  There is a lot of unnecessary fear around hCG and you were a steady, guiding presence during the protocol.  I know I am in good hands with you and Doctor Pearson.  Kind regards, – MM, Illinois –

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna, I just wanted to drop you a quick line. I have been following your site on the internet – I was guided there pretty much by Caroline Sutherland because of Hormone Balancing. Which I did thru NMF. I am really happy and feel blessed to have found myself on this path. Thank you for being you and I really appreciate your honesty and encouragement that health can be better. – DD, Norway

email-icon-614x460I just had to share that I am now under 200 pounds. I cried this morning, I am so happy. I thanked my angels and most of all my sweet Body. It has been so long since I was at this weight. I even wore white pants this morning to work and that is huge for me. I am so lucky!!! I knew you would understand how huge this is for me. I have not been saying that I have lost the weight for I do not want to find it back again. I am down to 199, hard to believe it, 58 pounds now. I feel so blessed and wonderful and beautiful and all things good. Now I can hike, ride my bike, climb stairs easily, my seat belt hugs me now instead of chokes me (I feel it now as a hug and I smile). THANK YOU for starting me on this path everyone. I couldn’t have done this without you. I will get down to the 150 mark next, I feel it with all my heart. I am next working with Dr Pearson to keep it going. I am so excited. Have a great day!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  – JG, California

email-icon-614x460Thanks for the support. I am feeling SO GREAT and happy as to my weight loss. I am down to an XL instead of a 4X and that alone is AMAZING! I have cut my BP meds in half now as well as off my anti-depressant. For the first time in my life I feel that I can get it off and KEEP it off eating the right things and with the RIGHT tools. I wish everyone could understand this and the truth about all the junk food. I wish my husband would listen to me too but NO. I have lost over a hundred pounds at least twice doing Atkins, Optifast, Medifast. Yoyo for the past 25 years. I am just so excited and feel full of Life now. I FEEL SO BLESSED!! – JG, California

email-icon-614x460Hi Autumn . So nice to hear from you! I have meant to send you and Donna a follow-up email. I lost 22 pounds on the HCG protocol, I finished the protocol on April 4 and have held steady, no weight gain- YIPPEE!! A heartfelt thank you to you and Donna for all you did and helping me to navigate the HCG path. Your guidance and wisdom made all the difference in the outcome I had. I feel great! – MM, Chicago, IL

email-icon-614x460Prior to meeting Donna, I had decided that this was my life. I was heavy, round and had a noticeable double-chin. I have arthritis in my lower back and neck and cannot walk to the end of the street without something aching. My family has a history of obesity and since I look and act just like my mother in every other way, I figured I was going to look like her in the body as well. My husband is overweight too so we have tried our share of fad diets and read countless magazine articles about how to lose weight fast by eating this or that. We were both at our heaviest when we decided to put our faith in Donna’s program. What a wonderful surprise we experienced! Not only did I learn to eat properly, but my husband lost 65 lbs and I lost 45 lbs in just three months! Yipee! We’ve joined a gym and I even have a personal trainer – something I NEVER thought I would say. We both have a bit more weight to lose so with Donna’s encouragement and superior knowledge in how food works in the body, we have no worries about continuing on our journey. We will one day be at our optimum weight, in great physical shape, and not afraid of ever gaining it back (because we know how to eat properly now!). I cannot thank you enough Donna! – KV, Texas

email-icon-614x460Keep up all the good work you guys are doing. I really enjoy your webinar recordings and I love your newsletters. It’s so great to know people who know what’s really going on. I’m looking forward to listening to your webinar tonight (well tomorrow) 🙂 Thanks for checking in with me, I’m still following all of you….. – CC, Kansas

email-icon-614x460Good Morning, I wanted to give you my update. I am on Day 19 and have lost 11.2 pounds! I am very happy and contacted Caroline to share the news with her, I have worked with Caroline for some time and my weight would not shift no matter what I ate or how much I exercised so this is huge. I will continue on the program for 47 days and have ordered the drops from Autumn. Thank you for your coaching, the forms, the book, etc. you have made the protocol easy to follow (initially daunting at first thought). – MM, Chicago, IL

email-icon-614x460Donna, My friend just sent me a link for your article regarding Kashi. I was SO shocked to read it as I am usually on the up and up on most natural and organic products. Thank you so much for writing this article. I am extremely passionate about the types of topics you discuss and it shocks me how much people do not know about the products they are consuming. I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition and it was so frustrating being taught strictly “medical nutrition” rather than holistic nutrition. I hope people are informed more of the disgusting things that are put into our food supply. Keep writing! Thank you. – AH, Houston

email-icon-614x460Thank you for ALL your help this year! I (we) are grateful to you to encourage & lead us to better health! I am forever grateful!” – KK, Texas

email-icon-614x460Thanks, Donna. I’ve really learned how to stand up for myself and the people who are not supporting me are going. That’s just the way it has to be. Merry Christmas and thank you for all of your support this year. It changed my life. – MJ, New York

email-icon-614x460Just wanted to say thank you. Last night’s webinar was great. Whatever you said or did made it so much better to understand the great doctor. We could understand everything. Thank you!! – CE, Kansas

email-icon-614x460Thank you both for all your support through this round of hCG. It makes a world of difference. I had been heavy for so many many years, after going through an early menopause around age 40, trying so many diets, failing so many times, even with twice a week gym sessions with a trainer. I look at pictures and can’t believe I carried all that weight around, flushed cheeks, blood pressure slowly rising, feeling so down on myself. From January to now, after beginning with Caroline’s detox and then with Donna, I lost a total of at least 36lbs (I didn’t have a scale the first week or so)…and I have stayed within 5 lbs of my loss though Hcg. I will need to continue to be very careful…I don’t want to regain that again! I know the weight is not EVERYTHING. But it has ceased to be such a distraction in my life. I can put on clothing and FEEL comfortable. My legs do not hurt at the end of the day. I have more energy. I don’t have to hide behind bulky sweaters. Now the real journey begins to continue to stay healthy and pursue healthy habits. Your support has kept me on track, encouraged me when I was feeling like I couldn’t do it, helped me see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I thank you. – MW, Florida

email-icon-614x460Donna, Thanks for last night. Each time I join in I feel I leave knowing that I’m on the right track. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. – SL, Canada

email-icon-614x460Donna: I really enjoyed your program tonight. I’m glad my scheduled permitted me the time to listen and focus. Great Job! Keep doing what you are going. We need you! Hugs! – MW, Florida

email-icon-614x460Hi There Donna. Thank you for hosting the call last night. Just wanted to tell you, you have great presence and add so much to the calls. I look forward to working with you! – DM, Massachusetts

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna, I just wanted to update you on how I’m doing. I just finished up a 3 week round of sub-lingual HCG. My ending weight is 155.2. I’m feeling great. My hormones feel balanced and I’m sleeping soundly and doing well there. I’m exercising regularly, eating consciously and looking great in my clothes. Interestingly enough my basal temperature is starting to come up, too. It was hovering around 97.5 and it is now more in the height 97.7 and above. I’m surprised that my skin is not as droopy as I would it expect in places where I’ve lost a lot of body mass….thighs, tummy, back and under arms. It’s like I feed my body what it needs and it just knows what to do. I’m sure staying active is a large part of my success.

So from where I started in January 2011, 211 pounds, that’s 56 pound off. I was wearing 2X plus size 22-24. Now I’m in a loose-fitting size 12. But most of all I think I’m healthier than I’ve been in years.

My family doctor still thinks I should get down another 10 pounds. But to tell you the truth, I don’t have much faith in the charts that they traditionally use. I’m always about 10-20 pounds heavier by that standard. I think I have a more athletic build and larger more dense bones than average woman. My ancestors were hearty farming people.

My goals for the coming months are to go on my trip to Italy and try do enjoy myself as much as possible while being sensible at the same time. That trip is closely followed up by the holidays. This will be interesting to see how I can navigate through all the parties. My tact will be to keep aware of what I’m doing by keeping up with my food journal and staying active. I think I will be OK if I just stay conscious and don’t start eating mindlessly. When January hits, I want to be moving on to the next challenge and not trying to gain back lost progress. By my birthday in February, I want to look at myself in the mirror and say, “You did it girl. You maintained your weight.”

Like you say, Donna. I just want to live in my own skin for a while. Then in the spring or summer if I feel like it, I might try to lose that last few pounds with another round of HCG. But who knows, it might come off just with my new sensible way of living.

email-icon-614x460Thanks for all that you do to help us. I’ve felt very supported through this entire process. – TM, Arizon

email-icon-614x460Dear Caroline & Donna, Before I get too far into my day, I wanted to say Thank You! “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Well I have been a successful student with your guidance! Caroline… getting the candida under control is a huge component of that success. Donna… took the foundation you laid and built on that for a loss of 22.8#’s as of this morning with one more day in Phase 1 of the HCG protocol. I’m truly grateful to both of you for what I have learned in the past 4 months and the physical transformation of my body, mind and spirit ~~ Thank You! With a Grateful Heart & a New & Improved Lighter Body. – KC, Illinois

email-icon-614x460Hi, Donna, I am sending my first HCG program charts to you, per your request. I am happy to report that I am noticing surprising progress both in weight and even measurements already! I wear a knee brace when I am working and on my feet at home as I have lost the cartilage in one knee and 50% in the other knee. Last evening when preparing dinner, my knee brace fell down my leg. I thought I had not attached the straps correctly. However, when I tightened the thigh strap, I had to move it over by one inch. Today, when updating my measurement chart, I noticed I had lost one inch around my thigh, and two inches around my waist. What an incredible incentive to keep moving forward and not deviate even slightly from the diet perimeters! Thank you for your helpful information and your patience with my questions. You are a valuable resource as well as a coach! Thank you for sending the article on fruit and vegetable wash. Where do you get food grade hydrogen peroxide? I hope you have an enjoyable weekend, Donna. -SP, Washington

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna, The weight is still falling off…. I wanted to also tell you that one of the best ‘side effects’ to you program is: I am 42 and have not one wrinkle and I still have my boobs! You can quote me on that, as long as you don’t use my last name. haha – Have a great day. -LVT, California

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna, I just wanted to let you know that I am finishing my second round of HCG (1 more week to go) and I reached the 50 pound loss yesterday. It feels so incredible to fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear, to toss out others and to buy new ones for my much slimmer body. I am persevering, motivated by the energy, by the compliments….it feels wonderful. Thanks for your program! – ML, Canada

email-icon-614x460Dear Donna, I want to thank you for your weight loss program. When I started your program, I weighed 147lbs. (I couldn’t seem to lose weight even though my diet was so strict and I exercised so much.) Lately I have been enjoying my new weight of 132 lbs!!! I cannot thank you enough for helping me get to this point! Gratefully, – CT, Texas

email-icon-614x460Donna, I wanted to tell you thank you for such a fantastic program! It truly is one of my all time best, favorite purchases ever! Right up there with cars and houses. You make everything so simple and easy to follow. As an educator, I could tell that you have done years of research on your program and it shows. To date, I have lost 45 pounds over the past 4 months. My head is clear and I have my energy back! Most Gratefully, – LVT, California

email-icon-614x460I want to let you know I appreciate all your help, support, and guidance throughout this entire process. This is the most successful I have ever been on a weight loss program, so my gratitude is huge. Fondly -MB, Arizona

email-icon-614x460Just wanted you to know that today was my final weigh-in after the HCG protocol and just before Phase 2. I have lost 33 pounds since Jan 4 Wow! There’s still more to go and I am so optimistic that I can get to a reasonable weight and feel even better. I’m probably looking at 2 more HCG sessions between now and early fall. As I head to the Bahamas for spring break, feeling healthy and able to wear clothes I haven’t worn in a few years ( and buying a new bathing suit), I am so very grateful. My new motto is “The scale is my friend.” : )) Thanks so much!! -ML, Canada

email-icon-614x460My blood sugar is pretty close to normal, and I’m not having too many dips anymore. I’m very pleased with the program…thank you so much! I’m now at the weight I was in my mid 20’s (I was 55 on Feb 29th). I love the changes I see and feel in my body and in my mind/heart. It’s a whole new world…and I intend to LIVE every minute of it. I cannot thank you enough. -CS, Washington

email-icon-614x460I also wanted to thank you again for always being available to encourage me, provide me information, assure me, etc. along this journey. And it has definitely been a journey, of inner commitment and stick-to-it-ness, and self care, in spite of my occasional bouts of losing confidence. You have been very patient and caring. I appreciate it more than words can express. – PB, Kentucky

email-icon-614x460Thank you so very much. I could not have done this without you. I appreciate so much that you have really been there for me. I will be very happy to recommend you. Your new friend – CG, Florida

email-icon-614x460I love getting your daily emails and love the recipes because they came when I needed them. You were always available when I needed you without any hesitation. I truly enjoyed working with you and feel you were there for me whenever I needed you. I also think that a coach is necessary for this process because it makes you accountable to keep with the program. Overall, I think it was fantastic. Thanks. – ES, Florida

email-icon-614x460Thanks for all the answers to my questions and all the information you sent. It helped me de-stress before the stress! Thank you for all your kindness and wonderful messages of encouragement throughout this whole process. – NF, New Jersey

email-icon-614x460Thanks sooooooooooooo much for providing me with the chance to lose so much weight!! – CT, Texas

email-icon-614x460Donna was a great coach and I felt great throughout the program. You eat natural foods that you buy at the store, no need to buy special products, no outrageous exercise program, just moderate exercise that is very doable, and instructions that are easy to follow. This program is something I believe I can follow for a lifetime as I learn about what’s best for my body’s nutritional welfare. I do not intend to gain back the weight again which has been the case with each of the weight loss programs I have been on in the past. I am so tired of the yo yo and now I know that part of my life is over. I can be balanced and happy. Donna gave me the help I needed and now I can take it from here on my own. Thank you very much! – R, Arizona

email-icon-614x460Thank-you for your encouraging note the other day. This weight loss is amazing and motivating. – ML, Canada

email-icon-614x460My blood sugar is pretty close to normal, and I’m not having too many dips anymore. I’m very pleased with the program…thank you so much! I’m now at the weight I was in my mid 20’s (I was 55 on Feb 29th). I love the changes I see and feel in my body and in my mind/heart. It’s a whole new world…and I intend to LIVE every minute of it. I cannot thank you enough. – CS, Washington

email-icon-614x460Donna, My gratitude to you has no limit. I know that with your help I will achieve my final goal when I start the protocol again. I had tried so many diet programs for years and had no success. I was suffering from depression because of my weight problem. I just want you to know you have saved me from many future health problems. On my first protocol, I lost a total of 30 pounds in 40 days. I lost 5.5 inches from my waist. I look great even when I have to lose another 15 pounds. I feel very healthy and energetic. Thank you for your beautiful emails and support. All your effort to help me will be greatly appreciated forever. – JC, Washington

email-icon-614x460I have been on dozens of different weight-loss programs over the years and found your hCG program to be the easiest and fastest I have ever tried. Donna you are a great coach. I felt great throughout the program, ate natural foods that I bought at the store. No special products, no outrageous exercise program. Your instructions, your manual and daily emails were easy to follow and informative. Your educational information is something I can follow for a lifetime. I will not be gaining the weight again now that I am educated. No more yo-yo dieting. That part of my life is over. I am balanced and happy. You gave me the help I needed. – RS, Arizona

email-icon-614x460I love getting your daily emails and love the recipes. They came when I needed them. You were always available when I needed you without any hesitation. I truly enjoyed working with you and feel you were always there for me. I also think that a coach is necessary for this process because it makes you accountable to keep with the program. Overall, I think it was fantastic. – ES, Florida

email-icon-614x460Thanks for all the answers to my questions and the information you sent. It helped me de-stress before the stress! Thank you for all your kindness and wonderful messages of encouragement throughout this whole process. – NF, New Jersey

email-icon-614x460Thank you so very much. I could not have done this without you. I appreciate so much that you have really been there for me. I will be very happy to recommend you. – CG, Florida

email-icon-614x460Donna – Your information and practical help is what carried me through. I loved knowing that i would hear from you each night and that i could then reread your message the next day. Since we are not talking about our “eating plan” to our friends it was vital for me to have you close to confide in and share my thoughts. Your patience was stretched with me, I am sure! I am sitting here today a new woman. I have my hope back and know for sure I will finish my journey to my goal. I now have the tools to maintain this new weight as I achieve it today and beyond. – SR, Kansas

email-icon-614x460Good Morning, Donna: Drinking my coffee with cream, and in heaven. My weight this morning was 131. Just as a matter of interest, I have one of those fat scales: my percent body fat went from 32% to 22% during Phase 1. – LA, New York

email-icon-614x460Hi Donna – I love this phase! I eat when I’m hungry, I eat more if I’m still hungry, I eat again if I’m hungry later on, and my weight stays the same. I wouldn’t think of cheating. I have no desire to cheat because I’m satisfied. – LA, New York

email-icon-614x460HI Donna, I have another benefit report for you. I make a point of giving blood every couple of months. My cholesterol at the end of May, before hCG, was 186. On the next dontation, my cholesterol was at 135!! That was incredible. I haven’t seen it that low since I started giving blood on a regular basis. I have given 17 pints thus far. This hCG diet is the bomb, baby!! I am down another half pound this morning. There was no movement over the weekend. I’m at 152.5. I’m hoping I see the 140s by the end of phase I. One of my co-workers came up to me today and asked if I have lost weight. That was a great feeling. I also had several people ask at a cookout we went to on Saturday as well as them saying I looked great, younger and a lot different. My head was spinning. I did not cheat at the cookout. I ate dinner before going and took some apple slices and a rye cracker with me. I drank lots of water. I made it through another challenge. Whew. I am becoming a cheerleader for HCG. – Sharon, Florida

email-icon-614x460OMG I’m losing so much weight, and FAST. It has been only six days and we can see a huge difference. I had bought clothes that were too small on purpose. (I can’t ever pass on a sale at banana republic.) I thought that maybe by the end of 6 weeks I would be able to fit into them but it’s only been one week and I just wore a new outfit today. My wife can’t wait to start and I’m excited for her to be the same size as when we stated dating. – Ryan M

email-icon-614x460Just got on scale today and am down to 185. So I’ve lost 3 more pounds, which means I’ve lost 20 lbs so far…. I’m so excited!, I feel great, lots of energy, am losing inches, getting into clothes I have had in the back of my closet for years. Husband is complimenting me on how good I’m looking and gals at work are noticing too. Thanks for all your help! – Diane O.

email-icon-614x460My husband and I have tried several forms of hCG from injections to oral sublingual methods. We must say that your Oral hCG Spray has got to be the most remarkable method we have ever tried. From the very first spray we noticed a complete difference from any other method. We experienced lack of hunger, more energy, a very consistent, pleasant mood and mental clarity. Combining this method with following the diet protocol has made losing weight a delight. Within 10 days my husband lost 14 pounds and I lost 9-1/2 pounds all without hunger. In addition, the non-invasive method of the spray is very convenient, as we travel for our business, and carrying it through airports has not been a chore. Previously, when we have had to travel with hCG injections, we were often stopped at check-in with our injection serum and delayed many times. We were even questioned when we showed proof with our prescription from a physician to carry the serum. The spray method alleviates any anxiety about flying or the refrigeration that is sometimes needed. We want to thank you and your team for developing such an incredible product that has proven to be better than any of our expectations. We hope that individuals who are in need of weight loss utilize this method and the benefits that accompany it. – Carmen L.

email-icon-614x460I too have tried injectable hCG and find this sublingual program so much better. I lost 25 pounds in 33 days on the injectable hCG and was hungry. I lost 20 pounds in 21 days on the sublingual with no hunger. No refrigeration was required. It isn’t as sensitive as the injectable and it is non-invasive to the body (no injecting, no needles). I highly recommend homeopathic sublingual HCG. Thank you. – DA