Hormone Testing

There are three ways to test hormone levels. According to Dr. Pearson this is best accomplished through saliva testing. He explained that the cells that make up your saliva,
store hormones. Testing saliva allows him to know what is stored in your body at a cellular level. If you test your blood for hormone levels, it can vary greatly depending on what time of day you are drawing the blood. Hormones are continually fluctuating and you want as clear a picture as possible of what you have that can be used, not what’s currently in use or circulating through your blood.

If someone is doing one of New Medicine Foundation’s complete programs then the doctor will take a look at the hormone numbers in the blood but only because he is testing the blood anyway and the price isn’t increased as a result of obtaining this information. But it is always done along side of saliva testing.

Another way to test hormone levels is via urine. The problem I have with this, however, is that it is showing what hormones are leaving the body, not what is stored for future use. Since many hormones are stored in cells and in fat tissue, you aren’t getting a clear picture of what is in the body, only what is being excreted. I want to know what I have to use, not what I’m getting rid of. If stored estrodiol levels (one of the big three estrogens that have been shown to cause cancer when accumulated in large quantities in the body) are high and stored, I want to know that. Common sense tells me I won’t be able to know that piece of information if I’m testing urine because estrodiol is being stored in the body, not necessarily being released and noticed through urine.