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I have been on the front lines of health, hormone balancing and  detoxification, weight loss and nutrition for the better part of 10 years. It is my pledge to continue to dig into the truth for answers on how we can stay healthy and live a long, productive, prosperous life free of the medical constraints that we are plagued with today.

Our medical system has let us down. It has failed us. We are overflowing in synthetic prescription drugs that treat symptoms and do nothing to address causes. We have been lied to for the sake of profits with little regard given to quality of life and the foundation that this great country was built on, freedom of choice. It is time that we got our heads out of the sand and started paying attention to what we eat, drink, breath and think. We owe it to ourselves and our children to get active and take a stand telling the very government that we have elected to protect us, that we have had enough and that it is time for a change!

As information is gathered, it will be published on this site. I encourage you to educate yourselves and support the entities that are working hard on the front lines to bring you healthy food, healthy water and a healthy environment in which you can grow and prosper and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I hope you will help me be A Voice For Change.