From Consumers Report, passed on to me by a client:

Consumer Reports latest food safety investigation has found troubling levels of arsenic in virtually every rice product we tested – from brown rice to baby cereal, even Rice Krispies. And much higher arsenic levels in people who had just consumed rice.

Concerned? So are we. Especially since our nation strictly limits arsenic in drinking water but sets no limits on arsenic in most food and drinks – despite the EPA’s stance that no level of exposure to the carcinogenic form of arsenic is ‘safe.’

If you’re as concerned as we are about arsenic in your food, take action now!

We launched our rice investigation to follow up our earlier tests on arsenic in apple and grape juice – staples of children’s diets. That study found roughly 10 percent of the juice we sampled had arsenic levels exceeding federal drinking water standards.

But our researchers were even more troubled by the results of our rice tests. In virtually all of the 200 rice products tested, we found measurable amounts of inorganic arsenic, which increases cancer risk. Since rice is grown in standing water, it’s more prone than other crops to absorb arsenic from pesticides and fertilizer, as well as arsenic that is naturally present in the environment.

Learn what you can do to protect your family, and tell the FDA and EPA to get serious about limiting arsenic in our food!

This study has important health information every consumer should have. Please share this with friends and family so they can get the facts. And then they can join you in action!