Arsenic-Roxarsone’s Are Carcinogenic… Maryland Says Chickens Shouldn’t Eat It Anymore

chickensWell, well, well – happy days are here again. Law makers in some states really are listening and I am happy to report that Maryland is the first when it comes to putting Roxarsone (arsenic), an additive used to kill parasites and promote growth in chickens, in chicken feed. If the chickens aren’t strutting their stuff in utter joy, I certainly am. This is fantastic news. I want to make sure this information reaches all the peeps that are following me out there. This is really an important step forward in the march toward healthy food and the humane treatment of chickens as well as other living creatures.

The additive Roxarsone, is added to a chicken’s feed so maybe there is hope for the FDA if they can follow suit with Maryland and see that this practice of using Roxarsone in animal feed is prohibited in all the states in our great nation. What came first, the chicken or the egg; the FDA or the greedy corporate mongers that stop at nothing to turn a profit. I’m always hopeful that the FDA will prevail and the madness will eventually cease. If enough people stand up and say “enough”, I’m sure we will succeed.

There are companies that are stepping up to the plate I might add, like Perdue. I commend Perdue for being on the front lines of concern and understanding and acting accordingly (thanks to feedback from consumers). See we do have a voice if enough of us speak loud enough. Now if we can only get the FDA to do its job and to stop playing up to the powers that be, the powers that run these large corporations. If we just stop buying foods that are tainted and processed and start honoring the smaller companies and farmers that are doing good for the consumer, animal welfare and ultimately the environment, we would be taking a huge giant step toward health and equality for all that live on our planet.

So why am I telling you all this. Just education as it is the ultimate to power. Speaking of education, here is something that is important for you to know when you are purchasing chickens in the future. Find out where the eggs or chicks and the feed for the chickens that you consume, comes from. Did you know that in many cases, large poultry farmers are given eggs and/or chicks to them for raising by the chicken processors themselves. They, the farmers, are also given the chicken feed that they are to use to feed the chickens, by the same chicken processors that give them the chicks to raise. So in other words, all a chicken farmer is these days, is a glorified baby sitter. They are given their recruits, told what to feed them and then sell them back to the same people that gave them to them in the first place, for a fee. So who is watching the hen house? Who is making sure that what is being manufactured is safe?

I do have to question the farmer or chicken raiser, in this case too. If I were given a bag of feed and was told that this is what I had to feed to the chickens that I was raising, I certainly would make sure I knew what was in the feed. Since there are no labeling requirements in many states and since chicken farmers are forced to use what they are given or risk going out of business, farmers feel like they are over a barrel and stuck. This is where we, the consumer comes in and where farmers need to stop being puppets and start farming again. We all need to take responsibility for the plight of where we are today. Somewhere along the line, we became complacent over the years and now we are paying the price. We can’t sell our souls for the sake of a buck. Our lives are on the line now. The price is just too big to be selling out for the guarantee of a what we can have in our immediate future in terms of money. No one is looking out on the horizon and thinking of the consequences of our actions.

I’m back to wanting the FDA to do its job and ultimately be responsible for food safety. Food producers and providers should not be playing that role. Doing that is like putting the wolf in charge of the hen house. Doesn’t make for good bed partners, that’s proven already.

So once again, lets join forces. Lets support companies that are taking it upon themselves to think about the bigger picture. Lets support farmers that are farming the old fashioned way. In the case of the chicken farmers, hatching their own peeps and then feeding them food that is monitored, its contents known as good, wholesome, nutritious and non-toxic, should be something that we all strive for.

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