starchesDuring phase II of the hCG detox / weight loss protocol, it is important to omit as much starch as possible from your diet. There are many foods that contain starch and this list isn’t complete but it is a good start when it comes to foods that you need to avoid during Phase II. My motto is when it doubt, don’t eat it. This will help however as you move through the three weeks of Phase II. Go to page 188 of my new book Coming Full Circle (In case you want to purchase a copy here is the link I include a listing of some suggested and allowable foods that will be of help too. Enjoy eating. Enjoy the benefits of being healthy and lean and craving free. These are the gifts of the program that should be treasured.

  • Bread No bread of any type is allowed when avoiding starches.
  • Flour All flours are starchy, yes even cornmeal.
  • Rice Rice is very high in starch, yes event Basmati although it has one of the lower starch contents. And as a side line of information, brown rice has almost the same starch content as raw white flour has.
  • Pasta What is pasta? It is basically flour and/or rice. You’ll need to avoid it during Phase II and eat it very sparingly once you are done with the program completely. Pasta in my book, is a processed food just like bread and flour so I advise avoiding it completely. If you just can’t limit your indulgence to once a month at best and quarterly would be even better.
  • Cereal Forget about them. Most all are processed, are starchy and contain sugar. Yes, even cerals made from bulgur, barley, oatmeal and couscous should be avoided.
  • Crackers No different than my recommendations for bread.
  • Vegetables The veggies you’ll need to avoid during Phase II are pumpkin, parsnips, squash, corn, yams, any kind of potato.
  • Beans Beans are also off limits and that includes peas and garbanzo beans.
  • Pizza Forget about it. The crust is what pizza is all about and we are back to flour and breads again.
  • Chestnuts Believe it or not, chestnuts are high in starch and are a no no during Phase II.
  • Chips Chips are potatoes. Need I say more?
  • Cornmeal Another no no as we mentioned under flour.