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Think you can trust your doctor just because he has an PhD or even an MD? The problem is that they are taught what the government wants them to learn. The government wants to keep us sick. They want to keep us medicated. Why? Because it keeps them rich!


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Our 2013 Series

Cold Got You Down? Get Over It With Some of These Tried and True Remedies

Brain Health – Do All You Can Now Before You Forget

Testosterone Tuesday: Going Bald, Find Out Why and What You Can Do About It

Alternatives to Sugar – Is There Really Any?

Spring into Action – Taking Back Control of Your Body

Fear the Big “C” Word – How to Stay Out of the Cancer Zone

Cleansing The Blood – The Liver and Kidneys Play An Important Role

The Gall Bladder – Find Out What it Does and How

Heart Health – Stay Out of the Operating Room

Obesity – Taking the Challenge in 2013 to End the Madness Once and For All

Food Allergies and Sensitivities – Get the Itchy Facts

Understanding the Thyroid

Affordable Health Care – Low Cost Solutions

Our 2012 Series

Immunizations – What’s Necessary, What’s Not and Why

Supplementation – What You Absolutely Need and Why

Hormones. What they are, Where they come from, Not for women only

Obesity – The Epidemic That Doesn’t Have To Be

Genetically Modified Foods – What’s Happening?

Cholesterol – The Facts, The Truth, The Misconceptions

Prostate Health

Immunizations – What’s Necessary, What’s Not and Why

Women’s Cycles – What’s Happening To My Body

HCG for Detoxification, A Doctor’s Insight

Anxiety and Depression in Men & Boys

Libido and Energy Levels – Is there a connection?

High Blood Pressure – The Truth, The Lies

Constipation/Irritable Bowel – Easing the Frustration

Dealing with Parkinson’s Disease

Sleep Disturbances & Dealing with Sleep Apnea

Keeping Children Healthy – Ideas for Parents

Why Chronic Illness and Obesity is so Staggering and How We Can Fix It

Functional Nutrition, The Inside Scoop

Hormone Testing and Children

Adrenal Challenges and Our Health

Let’s Talk About Birth Control

Men & Depression- Jump Start Your Engine

Diabesity, It’s More Than Just A Sugar Imbalance

Traditional Medicine and Insurance vs The New Medicine Foundation.  Our Goal, Our Mission, Your Outcome

Men and Testosterone

Sleep Apnea – A better way to sweet dreams

Infertility – Why and What You Can Do About It! 

Erectile Dysfunction – Deficiency, Disease, Dysfunction?

Allergies – Bless you!

Hormones and Hysterectomies – Get the facts

Early Puberty in Children – What’s that all about?

What’s Up With This Ringing In My Ears?

Let’s Talk Man-to-Man About Prostate Health

What Fear Does To The Body

Three Types of Estrogen and What They Do

Your Aching Body. Why It May Hurt

Men and Testosterone