I’m sitting here trying to write about the benefits of iodine.  I must admit that I am overwhelmed.  There is so much to say about iodine that I don’t know where to begin.

I know iodine helped me tremendously with a bout of dry eye.   I know that at one time in our history it was added to baked goods.  I know that it is good for the thyroid and that the reason it was added to baked goods in the 50’s/60’s was to help reduce a high incidence of goiter in children.  It worked too.  But as the powers that be may have it, it was removed from baked goods and replaced by Bromine – a known carcinogenic.  Someone from the decision making ranks of the USA needs to explain to me the virtues of that decision?  Go figure.

My point to all this is that iodine, in my opinion, is necessary for optimal health.  The body does not produce iodine.  The thyroid is the only organ that can store large quantities of iodine.  Due to depleted soil resources, we are no longer getting the adequate iodine we need via the plants we consume.  At one time, in order to reverse this depleted supply, iodine was added to salt, bread and milk.  Iodine has been removed from bread and milk and is declining as an additive in salt.  This said, it is no wonder that there is an iodine deficiency in this country.

Iodine deficiency can show up on the body in many ways.  For one it can present itself as a thyroid goiter aka enlargement of the thyroid. Iodine is also stored and/or concentrated in breast tissue.  It is believed that the lack of iodine in the breast can result in fibrocystic

breast disease.  If you experience painful breasts with nodules and cysts especially prior to a menstrual cycle, an iodine deficiency could be the cause.  The longer these symptoms are left to their own demise, the closer a woman comes to experiencing the potential development of breast cancer.

It is also known that 20% of all iodine is stored in the skin, especially in the sweat glands.  If you experience very dry skin and an inability to sweat, I would seriously consider an iodine deficiency.  Having issues with a lack of digestive acid production?  You might want to consider again, iodine deficiency since it can also be concentrated in stomach tissue and affect acid production negatively.  We need hydrochloric acid to digest food in our stomachs.  Everyone thinks we have a sour stomach because we have too much acid when in reality, we don’t produce enough and that is why we experience indigestion.  I wonder what would happen to the sale of antacids if we were able to get our iodine deficiency under control.

I know for me, I was having a hard time dealing with dry eyes especially at night when I was sleeping.  It got so bad, that it would wake me from a sound sleep.  I would have to get up and put eye lubricant in my eyes just so I could fall back to sleep.  When I read that the cause of dry eye could be a lack of iodine, I immediately started to supplement with iodine.  Within a couple of days, my condition was gone.  I continue to supplement with iodine daily.  I also had experienced dry mouth.  No matter how much water I drank, I couldn’t quench that continued feeling of be thirsty.  When I increase my intake of iodine, that went away too.

I recently read where Russian studies linked an iodine deficiency with the presence of cysts in the ovaries.  The greater the iodine deficiency, the greater the number of ovarian cysts discovered.  The extreme form of this condition is also known as polycystic ovarian disease.

I personally take Iodoral which is a high potency iodine/potassium iodide supplement.  I get it from my homeopath.  If you are interested in getting further testing and/or in supplementing with iodine to see if it will alleviate some of the symptoms that I have covered above, contact me for further information and a reference for a doctor that can help you.  In the meantime, here are some other points of reference that you may want to research on your own.

Optimox Corporation, Makers of Iodoral:


Dr. David Brownstein’s Book “Iodine, Why You Need It Why You Can’t Live Without It”