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28 Oct

The Story of Pigs

Posted in Environmental, Knowledge is Power Series, Political America, Take Action! on 28.10.14


I didn’t know that (IDKT) …. There is a pig farmer in Iowa that cuts off their pig’s tails so they won’t be bitten by other pigs?

pig penWhy you ask; because they are packed so tightly in pens and left that way for approx 5 months. After watching the movie “Food, Inc”, I doubt they ever get to leave their cramped quarters during this approximate 5 month period which is the time it takes them to grow to full capacity, ready for slaughter.  Boredom and inactivity leads to aggressive behavior such as nosing or biting other pigs. This abnormal aggressive pig behavior has become so commonplace that piglets’ tails are routinely docked (sliced off) and their teeth clipped to minimize the damage they cause to one another in crowded pens.  Their diet of corn and antibiotics, genetically modified corn laden w pesticides I might add, is a sure bet that they get to their full size in such a short amount of time.

Makes you want to run to the store and buy some pork right — NOT!!!!  Unfortunately, conventional farming (factory farming)—which produces over 97% of pork in the U.S., fosters an environment which completely removes pigs from their natural diets, behaviors, and social structures.  Did you know that over 100 million pigs are raised and slaughtered annually in the United States in order to facilitate the average American’s pork consumption of 44 pounds per year.

Now you know why I buy organic.  It may cost more today, but I won’t be paying the price with poor health in the future and I won’t be subjecting these poor animals to cruel and unusual punishment which is the price they are paying for being born.

Now you know (NYK)! Pass it along and be A VOICE FOR CHANGE.

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Info taken from an article by Bryan Walsh “The Real Cost of Cheap Food”, “America’s Food Crisis and How to Fix It” as found in the August 31st, 2009 issue of Time Magazine.

Photo as taken from http://whole9life.com/2013/01/the-conscientious-omnivore-pork/

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