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19 Jan

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to chair a commission on vaccine safety?

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Expose Vaccine CorruptionRobert F. Kennedy Jr.

Trump considering him to chair
a commission on vaccine safety?


 I didn’t vote for trump BUT if his rude, arrogant, chauvinistic, degrading demeanor is what it takes to turn our beautiful planet around and expose vaccine and big pharma corruption, then so be it.
The buzz through my grapevine is one of a positive nature. I couldn’t be happier with what is happening right now. It is time to tell the truth. Time to put people into office that care about everyone and not just a chosen few. The few who happen to have been born into their positions of power in life. I wonder what will happen when those high up on the food chain have to start to fend for themselves. What will it be like for them to have to wash their own cloths, clean their own homes, grow their own food? That is a movie that I would love to see unfold in real life.

I am happy because I hear that President-Elect Donald Trump interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He is considering JFK Jr to chair a commission on vaccine safety. If you follow health news then you know that RFK Jr is an outspoken critic with regard to mercury in vaccines. He wrote a book called ” Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak”. He outlines the history of mercury and its use in medicine. Any person with children or grandchildren should read it. What an eye opener!

Just in case you don’t know, mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet. Putting it in vaccines that are meant to protect us is in my opinion, insane.  It is downright criminal. Having Kennedy sit in the seat of a vaccine safety commission would be a step in the right direction. Finally, having someone to stand up to the powers-that-be in government! Having someone to be in the face of big pharma would go a long way in the beginning trend of holding people accountable for their actions.  I might even begin to shake my head yes and be happy that Trump made it into office.

Finally having someone to be an honest watchdog over an industry that has done little to prove that putting toxic substances into vaccines is safe would be a breath of fresh air. Again, common senStop Toxic Vaccine Poisoning of People Including Childrense prevails from where I stand. Not questioning the validity of putting neurotoxins the likes of glyphosate (weed killer), formaldehyde, aluminum or mercury into something that is meant to keep us healthy, seems insane and unethical.

I have to agree with Dr. David Brownstein when he says “There is not a better choice to chair a vaccine safety commission than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He has a command of the issue and, most importantly, he is not bought and owned by Big Pharma like most of Congress and the CDC.”

Stop Vaccine Corruption in Government and Business I also agree that the CDC is corrupt. As Brownstein further states, “Our children receive the most vaccines than any other children on the face of the Earth. How can anyone believe that injecting neurotoxins and weed killer into our children will benefit their health? The science does not show that our children are healthier for receiving more vaccines as compared to other children in Western countries. In fact, the science shows that our children suffer from more chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders, death, and disability including autism than any other children on the planet.”

We all know that the CDC is not and has not been doing its job. Now it is time for President Elect TrumWe the people stand up for vaccine safetyp to do his. It is our job to hold his feet to the fire and make sure he does his job. Please help me by writing to Mr. Trump and telling him that you approve of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Tell Mr. Trump you want RFK to chair the new vaccine safety commission. Tell Mr. Trump to do the right thing and help to protect the people and their children from this insanity. The future of our children and the future of our planet is depending on him. https://www.donaldjtrump.com/contact

And if you are interested in virtual health and knowing what the alternatives to vaccines are, visit the New Medicine Foundation. Dr. Edward W. Pearson and the team of caring, supportive, informed and well-trained staff will guide you through the process. Learn how to heal from the inside out without the use of pharmaceutical medications. For the most part, big pharma medications do nothing to heal the body and everything to medicate away the symptoms. That is known as “sick” care. We are all about “health” care.

New Medicine Foundation Vaccine SavvyMay you all thrive in great health, wellness and happiness,
Speaking out, Donna Appel, Coach “D”, A Voice For Change CEO and the Lead Health Style Counselor at New Medicine Foundation…
Health care, we care, virtually, connecting with people around the world.


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26 Jan

Vaccinations – Massive HPV Vaccine Cover Up Revealed

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Massive Vaccine Cover-Up AGAIN!

Vaccination Safety Vs Profits Vs Efficacy


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11 Nov

Vaccinations – Dr. Pearson Talks About Safety Vs Profits Vs Efficacy

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Vaccination Safety Vs Profits Vs EfficacyVaccinations Safety Vs Profits Vs Efficacy

Dr. Edward W. Pearson of the New Medicine Foundation discusses vaccinations – safety vs profits vs efficacy.  There is much controversy about vaccinations.  Listen now to this informative discussion.  Find out what Dr. Pearson does with his own children and how he feels about vaccinations in general and why.


I am also including a link to the current vaccine schedule that is mandatory for all children in America unless you have a religious exemption (which I can help you obtain, just ask me). Get educated before innoculating Click here for 2015 vaccine schedule

AND here are some links to some great educational material that will help you get educated and informed so that you can make your own decisions about what you will allow and what you will not allow when it comes to vaccinating:

All the latest up-to-date news – Vaccines Revealed

Trace Amounts

The Great Good Movie

Vaccine Nation

Shots In The Dark – The Silence on Vaccines

Join us live in the future. Have a question?  Get it ready and ask the doc yourself.  These are interactive teleconferences with a goal to educate and inform.  We are turning a corner in healthcare today. Coach D, Dr. Edward W. Pearson and the team at the New Medicine Foundation are leading the way to great health and wellness, by getting to the root of issues and healing the body instead of synthetically medicating it.  NMF practices virtual health care, helping thousands of people around the world heal and thrive.  Join us today and learn.

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Looking forward to connecting with everyone.

In great health,
Coach D, Donna Appel
A Voice For Change CEO
New Medicine Foundation Lead Healthstyle Counselor

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Donna Appel, CEO A Voice For Change
Head Health Style Counselor at the New Medicine Foundation.


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