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17 Mar

Sugar and Vitamin D3 Virtual Support Group Meeting

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Sugar is Deadly

Sugar – Deadly, Lethal, Toxic – Danger, Beware.

Deadly sugar and vital vitamin D3 are the topics for this week’s HCG detox weight loss virtual support group Meet Up discussion.  Also chatted a bit about hCG during the Q&A portion of our virtual meeting.  Sugar is more toxic than we ever imagined and it has been known for over a hundred years.  Find out more information that will help you kick the highly addictive habit once and for all.  Sugar is the enemy and you need to avoid it at all costs.  Also learn about supplementing with the “hormone” also known as Vitamin D3.  Get the facts by listening to the recorded event that was broadcast live on Monday, March 16, 2015.

Participate live from home, work, auto, anywhere (sign up on MeetUp) or listen to the replay anytime by logging into the A Voice For Change blog page (www.avoiceforchange.com/blog).  Can’t be on the call live, email me your questions, then listen to the answers on the recording.  I would love for you to join us live on Monday evenings to discuss HCG detox weight loss and so much more.  We meet every Monday evening at 8:30pm Eastern time via teleconference.  Topics for upcoming meetings are shown on Meet Up and vary week to week.  These topics include but are not limited to weight issues and management, the use of hCG, detoxification, hormone, adrenal and thyroid balancing, addictions, psychology of food, food quality, food prep, recipes, etc and all that goes along with getting and staying healthy.

To join us on Meet up – click on this link – Join Virtual Support Group now!

I hope you will join me soon.

Many blessings to you all, Coach D, Donna Appel, CEO A Voice For Change Head Health Style Counselor at the New Medicine Foundation.



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14 Jul

Sugar Withdrawal – Ouch It Hurts

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I Didn’t Know That …

Sugar withdrawal can be similiar to withdrawal from cocaine or heroin.… sugar withdrawal could be so bad. I have to tell you this about sugar, if you are addicted, you are going to have to go through withdrawal and it isn’t going to be pretty or easy. What I’ve learned is that sugar really is equal to cocaine or heroin when it comes to being addictive. Some of the symptoms of sugar withdrawal include extreme hunger, dizziness, headaches, weakness, brain fog, fatigue, sweats, and so on. Many are going to blame the use of hCG for these maladies when in actuality, they are only going through sugar withdrawal. If you have ever seen a movie or other show that depicts what it is like to go through drug withdrawal, believe it, even down to the screaming and crying for relief.

Rest assured though, once you have passed that threshold of intolerance, you emerge on the other side free and ready to move forward and take back control of your life and health. It is because of these addictions and feedback from past clients, that we recommend that you begin the withdrawal process, even though you haven’t begun the hCG protocol. You’ll be a week or two closer to your ultimate success of experiencing great health on the inside as well as the outside of your body.

Getting off the addictive sugar train is a process. We can help you through it. Climb on board and let us show you how life changing it can be. Let us teach you how to detox and get healthy, lean, and happy today. Visit www.avoiceforchange.com and find out more. Tell them Coach “D” sent you.

Now You Know …

Turn over a new leaf … Transform a New Life
Coach “D”


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