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30 Sep

Stress Kills More Than You Think

Posted in Brain Mapping, Knowledge is Power Series, Neurofeedback, QEEG on 30.09.14


white-flagDid you know that The Centers for Disease Control along with the Mayo and the Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard Universities along with many other medical associations and professional individuals, state that stress is the cause of almost every health problem plaguing human beings today. Stress can affect your relationships as well as your joy in life and it even affects how much money you can make.

I should know as it has affected me first hand throughout my life in varying degrees. I am in the process of turning that around, however, as I have just signed up to


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22 Dec

Living Your Life in Fear

Posted in Misc Articles on 22.12.13


fearThis is what I have been studying. This excerpt came from Dr. Lloyd from a recent edition of “The Healing Codes” newsletter. Watch for my next article to learn more on how to turn fear into fearless. Follow Coach D on her journey as she explains the process of transformation.

“So much of what is negative in life comes through fear!

The Centers for Disease Control, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Cambridge, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and many medical texts say that stress is the cause of almost every health problem. Harvard talks specifically about how stress affects your relationships and joy in life. Stress also affects how much money you can make in your career.


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17 Aug

Q & A – Does the HCG detox protocol typically improve high cholesterol? If so, how?

Posted in HCG on 17.08.11


A – Dr. Pearson is a wealth of knowledge on this subject and I recommend you visit  http://newmedicinefoundation.org/SearchResults.aspx?Search=cholesterol  for further information on this topic.  To satisfy the immediate need for clarification, however, I offer this explanation.

LDL cholesterol is a natural anti-oxidant that is produced by the liver.  It is high in nearly a billion individuals as a response to the enormous amounts of (oxidative) stress placed on our livers each and every day.

Properly done as a method to remove toxins from stored fat and in combination with appropriate hormone balancing and nutrition, hCG is a very helpful substance (a glyco protein, not a hormone) that will quickly lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels.  The bonus that people don’t talk that much about is that this combination of treatment (available through the New Medicine Foundation) will also raise healthy HDL levels which is just as important for restoring balance and well being to the human body.  Balance is key.

The hCG alone does not raise HDL and higher HDL levels are imperative to overall great health just as lower LDL levels are imperative.  I have seen clients decrease LDL – the “bad” cholesterol by as much as 60 points in just three weeks.

Don’t be fooled however.  HCG is not a wonder drug for weight loss either even though that is one of the side affects.  It is a glyco protein and is found in every cell of the human body; men, women and children alike.  When administered properly along with hormone balancing and proper nutrition, it can be the beginning of the end to ill health and disease.  It is not just for weight loss and you will gain the weight back if you don’t address the other issues that put you in the imbalanced state in the first place.

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