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18 Feb

Weight Loss, Detox, HCG VSG Chemical Additives Info

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Chemical Additives by Name and Purpose

Using HCG and moving through the process of detox and weight loss also necessitates educating people about chemical additives. This is a virtual meeting series dealing with the use of hCG for weight loss and detoxification. I thought it also important to stress the fact that if you are detoxing away toxins and chemicals, you won’t want them reentering your body if you plan to stay healthy.  It is nearly impossible to stay away from all chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. We can, however, minimize our contact with them. We can also deter manufacturer’s from using them by simply not purchasing these contaminated products.  This is a special mini presentation dealing with just a few harmful chemicals.  Buyer beware.  This isn’t a meeting just for weight loss detox individuals.  Everyone will benefit.  Tell your friends to join our group today. They too can get informed, educated and become smart shoppers and consumers.  Participate live from home, work, auto, anywhere (sign up on MeetUp) or listen to the replay anytime by logging into the A Voice For Change blog page(www.avoiceforchange.com/blog).  Can’t be on the call live, email me your questions, then listen to the answers on the recording.  Here is the recording on chemical additives:

I would love for you to join us live on Monday evenings.  We meet every Monday evening at 8:30pm Eastern time via teleconference.  Topics for upcoming meetings are shown on Meet Up and vary week to week.  These topics include but are not limited to weight issues and management, the use of hCG, detoxification, hormone, adrenal and thyroid balancing, addictions, psychology of food, food quality, food prep, recipes, etc and all that goes along with getting and staying healthy.

To join us on Meet up – click on this link – Join Virtual Support Group now!

I hope you will join me soon.

Many blessings to you all, Coach D, Donna Appel, CEO A Voice For Change  and Head Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation.


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24 Mar

Losing Our Right to Purchase Supplements – A Rant From Donna

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A Voice for Change - Supplements

The FDA is still at it. They are wanting to take away our right to purchase nutritional supplements. They want us to think that they are doing us a favor and protecting us but in reality, it is to protect the very source of more than 50% of their budget, pharmaceutical companies. It is big pharma that dictates their course of action. Who do you think has our best interests at heart?

Doctors are starting to come forward, no longer afraid of the wrath of the very industry that is suppose to protect us and help to keep us well and healthy. Our system is broken and it isn’t going to go down or change without a fight. Take away our supplements and they will see WWIII erupt that I assure you.

It is estimated that nearly 69% of the adults in the United States take nutritional supplements. Multivitamins seem to be the most popular form of supplementation. Do the math. That equates to nearly 215,000,000 Americans. Imagine the dollar signs


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