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23 Nov

Knowledge to help build a better, safer, kinder world that could save our lives!

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x27873780DEFINING POLITICS:     Knowing What We Are Talking About  Could Save Our Lives

This was written by Foster Gamble, a fellow Thrive Movement member (actually a founding father). I felt it so well written with so much valuable information included, that I just had to make it my job to share it with everyone.  Knowledge is power. I hope you will do the same.  Write to me and let me know your thoughts.  Ask me to send you a list of additional information that you can read, watch and listen to, that is being shared with others around the world.  Together, we can and will make a difference.

’Tis the season once again when the people of middle North America spend extraordinary amounts of their time in political discussions. Despite all the awkwardness and frustration that ensues, it seems almost everyone is after pretty much the same thing: a better, safer, kinder world. Most people want others to have sufficient income, better education, access to healthcare, and freedom from hunger, war and tyranny. They just don’t agree on how to accomplish it.

DemosAdding to the alienation people tend to experience, is the fact that we don’t even have a clear definition of the terms we use to discuss these hot topics. Among the front-running U.S. presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Socialist — an Independent Social Democrat —while Donald Trump was a Democrat turned conservative Republican capitalist. Rand Paul is a Libertarian turned Republican. Progressive used to mean Conservative; Conservatives used to call themselves Liberals; Liberal used to mean what Libertarian means today and now Repubsthe Neo-Cons are called neo-liberals. What in the world do these terms really mean?

If we are going to have fruitful conversations, where we actually learn from one another and move toward a more secure, prosperous and harmonious society, then I think, at a minimum, we need to KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.


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