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03 Apr

I just signed this petition — will you?

Posted in Political America on 03.04.14


The United States Supreme Court just dealt yet another staggering blow to our democracy by giving the green light for the wealthiest Americans to pour vast sums of money into electing their hand-picked candidates.

supreme_corporate_justice_180If the Supreme Court is going to consistently side with corporations and the wealthy at the expense of our democracy, they might as well give up their pretense to impartiality. So CREDO is going to send robes with the logos of the big corporations to the “justices” who voted for Citizens United and this new terrible decision.

If you want to add your name to the card they’ll deliver along with the robes, click here to sign the petition.

Pass it along so that you too can be A VOICE FOR CHANGE. To learn more about other health topics and other preventable/curable diseases, visit our website or contact Coach D directly at support@avoiceforchange.com.


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