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30 Apr

The Doctor is In – Q & A Session – Help! I’m Afraid To Take Replacement Hormones!

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syntheticQ. Hello Doc, I am supposed to begin taking hormones as a result of a recent visit to my doctor. I’m having second thoughts on using a synthetic hormone. Can you shed some more insight about taking hormone replacements that might ease my fears? There is so much conflicting information out there that I just don’t know what to think. Thank you. Vicky, Florida


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04 Feb

DHEA, The Hormone

Posted in Hormones on 04.02.13


IDKT (I Didn’t Know That) …



…DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that your body uses for the production of testosterone and estrogen (and other hormones). DHEA can help prevent osteoporosis, improve adrenal failure issues, improve sexual function in men and women, and can alleviate depression. Although it is sold over the counter as a vitamin or nutritional supplement, it is not a nutrient and is usually manufactured through a synthetic chemical process. DHEA should only be administered by a doctor that understands hormones and hormone balancing.

NYK (Now You Know) …


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29 Aug

Thank you Donna & Caroline Sutherland

Posted in Weight Loss Testimonials on 29.08.11


August 26, 2011 – Dear Caroline & Donna, Before I get to far into my day I wanted to say Thank You! “When the student is ready the teachers will appear”. Well I have been a successful student with your guidance! Caroline getting the candida under control is a huge component of that success. Donna took the foundation you laid and built on that for a loss of 22.8#’s as of this morning with one more day in phase 1 of the hcg protocol. I’m truly grateful to both of you for what I have learned in the past 4 months and the physical transformation of my body, mind and spirit ~~ Thank You! With a Grateful Heart & a New & Improved Lighter Body. KC, Illinois


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