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28 Mar

Cancer Corruption – Democratic or Totalitarian USA – Watch This – It Could Happen to You

Posted in Cancer, Disease, Knowledge is Power Series, Political America, Take Action! on 28.03.16


Democracancer corruptiontic or



Watch This.


Cancer Corruption is Real.

It Could Happen to You and Your Family!

Cancer corruption is big business.  If this happened to the Jensen’s it could certainly happen to you.  What’s not known is that it is happening across America right now.  We just don’t hear about it.  Watch, listen, learn.  Cancer is on the rise. Don’t be caught off guard. Watch this short video of what happened to the Jensen family. Would you stand up for your child and protect them from the terrors of a “Hitler” like regime?

You have options. Get educated and find out what those options are today. Connect with Coach D, Donna Appel. She is the CEO of A Voice For Change and the lead health style counselor at the New Medicine Foundation. Dr. Edward W. Pearson and the team at NMF have the answers to help you live your best life now. We have the answers to cancer and the diseases that may be afflicting you and your loved ones.  Call or write for a free Doctor consultation today.   561-389-6958 or email donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com.

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Thanks for caring and sharing.  All the best, Donna Appel
CEO for A Voice For Change and Lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation. Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation.



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12 Apr

Urgent National Action Alert!!

Posted in Political America on 12.04.12


Stand up for your right to know what is in our food!

From Organic Consumers Association website …

“OCA has learned, as we reported last week, that Vermont may not pass the GMO Labeling law now languishing in the state legislature, because Monsanto has threatened to sue the state if they pass the bill. According to informed sources, Vermont Governor Peter Schumlin is probably the only one who can save the bill from dying in this legislature session, which ends May 1.

Please get on the phone right now to Governor Schumlin and tell him not to buckle under Monsanto’s biotech bullying. We need a GMO labeling bill and we need one right now. Vermont can and should lead the way! Other states will follow.

Please pick up the phone now and call Governor Schumlin’s office:

Phone: 802 828-3333
TTY:800 649-6825
Fax: 802 828-3339
Email: GovernorVT@state.vt.us”


I just called the governors office and left word that I’m pro GMO labeling – asking for his support – they took the info and said they are keeping track of the incoming calls and are very aware of the issue.

SO CALL – NOW – this is big guys – WE CAN’T LET CORPORATE AMERICA DICTATE WHAT THEY WILL AND WILL NOT DO. This is criminal strong arming at its best. Mafia control might be a better description. IT MUST STOP NOW.  WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE PUTTING INTO OUR BODIES!

Please help me, help you, help us – all of us.

Thanks, Coach “D”

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24 Mar

Losing Our Right to Purchase Supplements – A Rant From Donna

Posted in Misc Articles, Political America on 24.03.12


A Voice for Change - Supplements

The FDA is still at it. They are wanting to take away our right to purchase nutritional supplements. They want us to think that they are doing us a favor and protecting us but in reality, it is to protect the very source of more than 50% of their budget, pharmaceutical companies. It is big pharma that dictates their course of action. Who do you think has our best interests at heart?

Doctors are starting to come forward, no longer afraid of the wrath of the very industry that is suppose to protect us and help to keep us well and healthy. Our system is broken and it isn’t going to go down or change without a fight. Take away our supplements and they will see WWIII erupt that I assure you.

It is estimated that nearly 69% of the adults in the United States take nutritional supplements. Multivitamins seem to be the most popular form of supplementation. Do the math. That equates to nearly 215,000,000 Americans. Imagine the dollar signs


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