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23 Aug

Pre-Launch Book Sale …. Coming Full Circle!

Posted in Weight Loss on 23.08.12


Pre-Launch Book Sale

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Coming Full Circle

Get the complete guide to weight loss and the use of hCG when it is hot off the press. This is not just a run of the mill weight loss guide. Donna took her old “Guide to HCG Weight Loss and Beyond” and doubled the page count with informative information on a number of pertinent topics. Don’t miss out on a book that touches on issues pertaining to the soul as well as the mind and the body. As Donna states, it is all connected.

Let Donna help you turn over a new leaf and transform a new life today. Reserve your copy of Donna’s new book, Coming Full Circle due to be released on August 30th, 2012. Reserve your copy now by visiting the website and placing an order. Your copy will be personally autographed by Donna Appel, Life Coach and Expert and HCG Weight Loss/Detoxification and you’ll get access to the new website as a member, a $49.99 value, absolutely free, included with your pre-launch book purchase.

Coming Full Circle is an informative step-by-step guide and a must have for the use of hCG and so much more. Losing weight, re-sculpting your body and keeping the weight off once and for all is possible. Written and published by Donna Appel, who’s own personal quest to detoxify her body, lose weight and keep it off, resulted in a loss of over 100 pounds. What she discovered over the years however is that there is so much more involved in the process of losing weight and getting healthy. This book addresses issues that go beyond that of hCG with topics including hormone balancing, increasing metabolism, candida albicans yeast, toxic addictive sugar, food allergies, exercise, body pH, water, plus recipes for the entire hCG program and much much more. This is a complete guide for the EFFECTIVE use of hCG from A to Z along with sound guidance on how to keep it off for good. Donna also dives deep into the mind and soul issues that can sabotage weight loss efforts. She explains how it is all connected and what you can do to make change permanent.

Donna’s program is endorsed by Caroline Sutherland, author of The Body Knows: “Donna Appel is an excellent and thorough health coach. Weight loss can be a complex, elusive goal for so many people. Combining hCG, sensible eating and a long-term plan that makes practical sense is the cornerstone of what Donna teaches.”

Reserve your copy now and get an additional bonus gift … a free CD of the Introduction to Your Wish Is Your Command. Remember, your 1st edition copy will be personally autographed by Donna and you’ll get access to the new website as a member, a $49.99 value, absolutely free and included with your pre-launch book purchase. That’s two gifts in addition to a book that could very well be the catalyst that changes your life.

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