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06 Feb

Not All B Complex Supplements Are Created Equal – Buyer Beware!

Posted in Health, Healthy Alternatives, Inflamation, Knowledge is Power Series, Nutrition, SOLUTION!, Vitamin B(s), Vitamins on 06.02.17


Buyer beware.

Not all B Complex supplements are created equal.

NMF has a complete B Complex that can’t be beat. The Pure Cell brand homocysteine reduction + adrenal formula contains the entire spectrum of B vitamins to support a very wide range of bodily and stress-related functions. It features activated forms of vitamins B2, B6 and B12, with the addition of Benfotiamine, a patented, safe, fat-soluble, more physiologically-active form of thiamin.

A good B Complex supplement will support:
1. healthy responses to stress and fatigue
2. carbohydrate metabolism
3. healthy nervous systems, adrenals and immune function
4. healthy hormone balances
5. cardiovascular health including blood clots
6. cognition and healthy moods

A good B Complex supplement will also:
1. build your energy reserves
2. overcome fatigue
3. help prevent infection
4. help normalize cholesterol
5. help reduce inflammation in the body
6. help protect against osteoporosis
7. help protect against skin damage and premature aging
8. help protect against poor hair growth and greying hair
9. help protect against muscle twitching and insomnia

Stock up today and give your body the nutrition it is craving.  In addition to a great product, I’ll give you free shipping too.  Yes, send me an invoice for a bottle of PureCell B Complex with free shipping!

And if you are interested in virtual health, visit the New Medicine Foundation website. Dr. Edward W. Pearson and the team of caring, supportive, informed and well-trained staff will guide you through the process. Learn how to heal from the inside out without the use of pharmaceutical medications. For the most part, big pharma medications do nothing to heal the body and everything to medicate away the symptoms. That is known as “sick” care. We are all about “health” care.

New Medicine Foundation Vaccine SavvyMay you all thrive in great health, wellness and happiness,
Speaking out, Donna Appel, Coach “D”, A Voice For Change CEO and the Lead Health Style Counselor at New Medicine Foundation…
Health care, we care, virtually, connecting with people around the world.

By law, we have to say this…. “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” Silly but when the FDA is in bed with big pharma, we can’t expect anything but silly.

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13 Mar

Happy Healing Healthy Patient Comments

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Detoxification, Disease, HCG, Health, Healthy Alternatives, Hormones, Knowledge is Power Series, New Medicine Foundation, Support Group, Testimonials, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Testimonials on 13.03.16


2 people on puzzleHappy, healing, healthy patient comments are always good to get.  These comments let us know we are on the right track, helping people around the globe to heal and thrive.  We help them put the pieces of their puzzle together.  Here are a few that we recently received.

**Thank you very much Donna! You have really done a great job in making this easier for me and in educating me about my health issues. Also thank you for handling my order with such care. I will begin the candida program later on as discussed. I know in my gut it will clear up many health issues I am experiencing. Thanks again, CK, Oregon   PS: You all “rock” there-

**HI Donna, Doing great. Still in phase two. Feeling good too! This has been a very good experience for me. Thanks for your suggestion back in December to go with the Cortisol so it would help with my sleep. It has been working great. I appreciate your taking the time to help me with that issue Donna. Regards, BR, Arizona

**I had the opportunity to first work with Donna in 2012, while a client of the New Medicine Foundation in the hormone evaluation and balancing program. She was a great liaison in providing good, basic information and sound advice on the options available. Subsequently in 2014/15 Donna coached me through a Detox Program, which is recommended after a period of hormone therapy. I was highly reluctant at first, mostly because I felt that I was mostly in good physical shape. I was also a bit underweight and resident outside the US, therefore not having direct access to service providers. Donna was extremely patient with my many questions and was able to provide me sufficient and satisfactory information to make a decision to proceed. This is probably one of the best health decisions I have ever made. Donna was a true coach and mentor. She responded in quick time to all questions arising, as I progressed through the program. Her knowledge, compassion, encouragement and assurance throughout, was truly remarkable. With my 55th birthday approaching in 2016, I look and feel the best and strongest that I ever have. Thank you Coach D!! Looking forward to working with you in 2016 and beyond. EA, Kingstown (West Indies)

**A few words about my parents Donna. They finished the detox (21 days) and are very happy. My dad lost 9.3 kg and my mom 6kg. They didn’t feel hungry and had lots of energy. They said they feel much better than before the detox, their blood pressure improved, and they are on their Phase II now. So, thank you for introducing us to such great product. I know I had my doubts once or twice, when they had a day when they didn’t loose any weight and even once or twice gained 0.1 kg. But at the end of Phase I everything was fine and they consider it successful. So, thank you again for your support. I didn’t start the program yet, as I was way too busy, and according to your suggestions, we need to wait till the time is right. I plan on Feb 16 – 17, as I should be through my cycle. From your book I found out that the best is to start it right after the period. Thank you again for everything Donna! I’m sure that people will start to ask me questions about what kind of detox I was on, when I finish it, and I will sure recommend you to anyone interested. AS, Illinois

**Dear Donna, I am actually feeling really good! I continue to take the hormones and supplements as advised. Last month, I took an extra dose of hormones for three nights around the time that I usually have a migraine. I managed to get through the cycle with only a minor headache, and did not need to take the Frova. Hooray! Thanks you for the follow-up. I appreciate the help I have received from you and Dr. Edward. KR, Missouri

**I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and our group. I have lost a total of 13 pounds (I have slid off the protocol a few times which is why I want the VGB top-off). You are a terrific coach and guide and your personal experience and stories are so inspiring and motivating. You speak with an authentic voice and say what you mean and mean what you say and I love that about you. I am so grateful I found you! You are the best Donna! With love and gratitude, CP, New York

**Hey Donna. Wanted to say Thank You for your great program and coaching. You were right, staying on the program a few extra days did the trick for me. I lost a total of 19.5 pounds on the program. Happy with that.  I loved all the info you shared with us about GMO and food industry. If you do have a club or sessions that get together on the web, I would love to know about that.  I have used Tapping for going through a divorce. I have also used it for getting rid of a terrible habit. Use it frequently just to clear the stress of the day. I have a very busy job. I am a OB/Gyn Nurse Practitioner. Thank you so much. Love and Light. KR, Arizona

x27873780You too can feel and look as great as these individuals look and feel.  Connect with the Lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation today. Find out how the team can help you heal from the inside out virtually from most any place around the world. You too can look better and feel better in a matter of weeks.  Contact Coach Donna Appel today.  donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com  561-389-6958.


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23 Feb

So you think your drinking healthy – think again

Posted in Diabetes, Health on 23.02.13


Diabetes on the Rise – Dah!


So you think you are drinking healthier beverages these days. Think again. Thought Vitamin Water was packed full of healthy ingredients. Think again. Same holds true for SoBe tea. Not all are created equal. Take a look at the numbers below. They are staggering.


  • Vitamin Water, XXX Acai Blueberry Pomegranate, 20 oz contains 32 grams or 7.5 teaspoons of sugar.
  • SoBe Energize Green Tea, 20 oz contains 51 grams or 12 teaspoons of sugar!
  • Starbucks White Hot Chocolate w Whipped Cream, 20 oz contains 76 grams of sugar! That equates to 18 teaspoons.
  • McDonald’s Triple Thick Chocolate Shake, 32 oz contains


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08 Sep


Posted in HCG on 08.09.12


I Didn’t Know That (IDKT) …

Another idea to help make your hCG protocol successful and to keep you motivated and excited, is to make sure you have a tape measure for measuring hips, thighs, arms, etc. on hand and convenient for weekly measuring. I have one that tailors use – cloth – easy to read and wrap around the body. You’ll find these at any store that carries sewing supplies such as needles, thread, pin cushions and the like. I have forms available too that are ready made for recording this information. You’ll have no excuse for not measuring. It really can make all the difference when it comes to being a success at your detox program. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your body measurement figures decrease seemingly before your eyes. You’ll regret not measuring starting on day one.

Also don’t forget to take photographs. This is another great way to keep you focused and motivated. Many times we don’t realize the changes that are taking place but I assure you it is remarkable. You’ll be so wrapped up in the detox/weight loss process, that you won’t notice the changes til your done. In reality, noticing is one of the ways in which you’ll stay motivated. Having this information readily available is just another way for you to be successful when detoxing and taking back control of your health and overall well being.

Visit www.avoiceforchange.com to find out more ways that you can accomplish your get healthy goals. After all, that is what it is all about – detoxing, losing the weight once and for all and keeping it off for good. We can teach you how to detox and get healthy, lean, hormonally balanced and happy today.

Stay tuned for future blogs that will disclose other tools and ideas useful when you are doing an hCG detox. Tune in to the AVFC teleconferences held every Tuesday evening at 9pm Eastern time. Join Donna and Dr. Edward W. Pearson of the New Medicine Foundation on Monday’s at noon Eastern time too. The Doc and Donna Show on Contact Talk Radio is geared toward educating the masses about how best to get healthy and stay that way, free of drugs, disease and pain. We should all be living to be 120 and better. I hope you’ll join us and learn how easy it is.

Now You Know (NYK) …

Turn over a new leaf … Transform a new life!

Coach “D”

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06 Sep

Pre-Launch Book Sale: Coming Full Circle

Posted in Misc Articles on 06.09.12


Pre-Launch Book Sale 

Coming Full Circle ….

Order your copy today and

get two FREE GIFTS!




Get the complete guide to weight loss and the use of hCG due to be released September 9th. This is not just a run of the mill weight loss guide. Donna updated her “Guide to HCG Weight Loss and Beyond” and doubled the page count with informative information on a number of pertinent topics including hormone balancing, increasing metabolism, candida albicans yeast, toxic addictive sugar, food allergies, exercise, body pH, water and hydration, plus recipes for the entire hCG program and much much more. This is a 224 page, full color, complete guide for the use of hCG from A to Z along with sound guidance on how to keep it off for good. Donna dives into the mind and soul issues that can sabotage efforts. She explains how it is all connected and what you can do to make change permanent. As Donna states, “it is all connected.”

Reserve your copy of Coming Full Circle now by emailing us at support@avoiceforchange.com. Your copy will be personally autographed by Donna and will include an introductory CD to “Your Wish is Your Command”. You’ll also get a one year membership allowing access to the new a voice for change website, a $49.99 value, absolutely free and included with your pre-launch book purchase. That’s two gifts in addition to a book that could very well be the catalyst that changes your life and moves you in a positive direction toward great health and wellness of the mind and body forever.



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23 Aug

Pre-Launch Book Sale …. Coming Full Circle!

Posted in Weight Loss on 23.08.12


Pre-Launch Book Sale

Order your copy today and
get two FREE GIFTS!

Coming Full Circle

Get the complete guide to weight loss and the use of hCG when it is hot off the press. This is not just a run of the mill weight loss guide. Donna took her old “Guide to HCG Weight Loss and Beyond” and doubled the page count with informative information on a number of pertinent topics. Don’t miss out on a book that touches on issues pertaining to the soul as well as the mind and the body. As Donna states, it is all connected.

Let Donna help you turn over a new leaf and transform a new life today. Reserve your copy of Donna’s new book, Coming Full Circle due to be released on August 30th, 2012. Reserve your copy now by visiting the website and placing an order. Your copy will be personally autographed by Donna Appel, Life Coach and Expert and HCG Weight Loss/Detoxification and you’ll get access to the new website as a member, a $49.99 value, absolutely free, included with your pre-launch book purchase.

Coming Full Circle is an informative step-by-step guide and a must have for the use of hCG and so much more. Losing weight, re-sculpting your body and keeping the weight off once and for all is possible. Written and published by Donna Appel, who’s own personal quest to detoxify her body, lose weight and keep it off, resulted in a loss of over 100 pounds. What she discovered over the years however is that there is so much more involved in the process of losing weight and getting healthy. This book addresses issues that go beyond that of hCG with topics including hormone balancing, increasing metabolism, candida albicans yeast, toxic addictive sugar, food allergies, exercise, body pH, water, plus recipes for the entire hCG program and much much more. This is a complete guide for the EFFECTIVE use of hCG from A to Z along with sound guidance on how to keep it off for good. Donna also dives deep into the mind and soul issues that can sabotage weight loss efforts. She explains how it is all connected and what you can do to make change permanent.

Donna’s program is endorsed by Caroline Sutherland, author of The Body Knows: “Donna Appel is an excellent and thorough health coach. Weight loss can be a complex, elusive goal for so many people. Combining hCG, sensible eating and a long-term plan that makes practical sense is the cornerstone of what Donna teaches.”

Reserve your copy now and get an additional bonus gift … a free CD of the Introduction to Your Wish Is Your Command. Remember, your 1st edition copy will be personally autographed by Donna and you’ll get access to the new website as a member, a $49.99 value, absolutely free and included with your pre-launch book purchase. That’s two gifts in addition to a book that could very well be the catalyst that changes your life.

Visit www.avoiceforchange.com now and reserve your copy.
This great deal is for offered for the Pre-Launch only!



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30 Jun

Gasoline and Fat Have A Lot In Common

Posted in HCG on 30.06.12


I Didn’t Know That …

As you know, gasoline provides fuel for an auto and is necessary to keep that auto moving forward and running, getting us from point A to point B. Now, did you know that there is such a thing as fuel fat that is stored as a normal fat reserve necessary for meeting the body’s nutritional needs and regulating body temperature? It’s true. Fuel fat is necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Make sure you feed yourself plenty of fresh, wholesome food that the body can turn into fuel fat. Don’t deplete that fat reserve while trying to diet and lose weight. What you want to concentrate on is ridding the body of abnormal fat reserves. That is the fat that is next to impossible to get rid of. That is the fat that accumulates around the belly or turns into cellulite in all the wrong places. Want to learn more?

Find out more. Visit www.avoiceforchange.com today.

Now You Know …

Turn over a new leaf … Transform a New Life
Coach “D”


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05 May

Sick, Depressed and Fat ~ Part 2 ~

Posted in Diabetes, Disease on 05.05.12


I Didn’t Know That (IDKT) …

Sick, Depressed and Fat - find out why - visit www.avoiceforchange.comIf you are working on getting healthy, sugar is one of the first things you should dump from your shopping list.  Well that isn’t exactly true, I knew it should be but I really didn’t know why.  That’s not true either.  I knew it caused problems but I didn’t know how bad those problems could be.  And that is the truth.  Here are some more facts I haven’t revealed yet

Life expectancy is declining for the first time in human history.

It has been said by many health practitioners that we are raising the first generation of Americans to live sicker and die younger than their parents.

Almost 30 percent of diabetics over the age of 40 have impaired sensation in their feet.  This often leads to amputations.

It is estimated that diabetics die an average of six years earlier than non-diabetics.  The pain leading up to their death for many, is excruciating.  They can suffer for years so one really has to consider the quality of life and not just life expectancy.

Over the next decade it is estimated that direct health care costs will be over $3.4 trillion dollars for issues that are related to diabetic and pre-diabetic conditions.

Type 2 diabetes is the result of too much insulin, not too little.

Insulin resistance happens when one consumes too many empty calories from soda and sugary drinks along with eating too many refined carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, bread, and the like.  The result is that your cells become resistant or another way of putting it, your cells become numb to the effects of insulin.

Worsening insulin resistance symptoms include the loss of muscle, the increase of fat storage, inflammation, rapid aging and overall bodily deterioration.

Now You Know (NYK) …

Turn over a new leaf; Transform a new life

Coach “D”


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14 Feb

From the words of Albert Einstein … Invoke Change

Posted in Alternative Energy, Alternative Healthcare, Detoxification, Disease, Environmental, Global Information Network, Healthy Alternatives, Misc Articles, New Medicine Foundation, Political America on 14.02.12


Albert Einstein

This is why I do what I do.  It would have been easy to learn what I learned and not do anything with it except to use it on myself.  I care about the universe.  I care about human beings.  I love my daughters.  I want them and everyone to have the opportunities I had.  In order to manifest those desires, I need to take truth, my new knowledge, and do something with it.  Now you know how and why  A Voice For Change was created.

Do something today.  Don’t wait.


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11 Dec

Eat Organic and Save …. Your Life …. Watch This ….

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Detoxification, Disease, Nutrition on 11.12.11


I didn’t know that (IDKT) eating organic was as important as it now turns out to be if we want to stay out of the sick zone.  Watch this as it is eye opening how little nutrition we get from non-organic foods.  Common sense tells me the more organic I eat, the less supportive of the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance industry I will to be.  In the long run, it will cost me less to eat organic than it will to remain in the status quo.  Actually, I will be saving money by eating organic and saving my health as well.  Click and watch …


NYK (now you know). For more information on staying healthy and for alternatives for great health and wellness, visit www.avoiceforchange.com today. Make sure you sign up and become a member too.  We offer free classes about health and nutrition on a weekly basis as well as super and ultimate detox programs.

Wishing you happiness and great health always,

Donna Appel
Great Health and Wellness Specialist



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