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22 Dec

It happened to Caroline … It can happen to you

Posted in Misc Articles on 22.12.11


When you found your true love, did you ever think you lose them over a computer program? I’m pretty sure my close friend, Caroline Sutherland, never thought that. Most of you have sensed that something has been going on with her and at her request, I have been avoiding your questions as best I can. Now I’m at liberty to share what I know.

A quote from Caroline …

This past year has been extremely challenging and heartbreaking. I am sure you have wondered why I have not mentioned my husband’s name in the past few months. We are no longer together. I would never have imagined that my husband and partner of eight years would betray me on Facebook. This has been on a roller-coaster ride of mammoth proportions.

This is the hardest book I have ever had to write. Living through this experience has been the toughest thing I have ever had to endure. There are no words to describe the “nightmare from hell” that I have been through.

I’m happy to report that Caroline is on the mend. She has taken the betrayal, the hurt, the entire experience, and put it into words and is sharing it with us. She is a remarkable woman and a hero in my eye. You definitely want to read this book.

Click here to order her amazing journey, Direct Hit! How facebook Destroyed My Marriage & Shattered My Life: http://amzn.to/shHsrP



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