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17 Jan

Irradiated Food – Really???

Posted in Political America on 17.01.13


I Didn’t Know That (IDKT) …

Irradiated Food

Every time you turn around someone is playing with our food supply. As our health continues to decline in America, so does the quality of our food. It seems to go hand-in-hand. I’m now reading about the “Irradiation Loophole” that is coming to light as a result of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010. As you may have guessed, the infamous FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is involved. So much for government agencies that are supposed to protect us.

This is similar to the AMA (American Medical Association) that is supposed to


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06 Sep

Pre-Launch Book Sale: Coming Full Circle

Posted in Misc Articles on 06.09.12


Pre-Launch Book Sale 

Coming Full Circle ….

Order your copy today and

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Get the complete guide to weight loss and the use of hCG due to be released September 9th. This is not just a run of the mill weight loss guide. Donna updated her “Guide to HCG Weight Loss and Beyond” and doubled the page count with informative information on a number of pertinent topics including hormone balancing, increasing metabolism, candida albicans yeast, toxic addictive sugar, food allergies, exercise, body pH, water and hydration, plus recipes for the entire hCG program and much much more. This is a 224 page, full color, complete guide for the use of hCG from A to Z along with sound guidance on how to keep it off for good. Donna dives into the mind and soul issues that can sabotage efforts. She explains how it is all connected and what you can do to make change permanent. As Donna states, “it is all connected.”

Reserve your copy of Coming Full Circle now by emailing us at support@avoiceforchange.com. Your copy will be personally autographed by Donna and will include an introductory CD to “Your Wish is Your Command”. You’ll also get a one year membership allowing access to the new a voice for change website, a $49.99 value, absolutely free and included with your pre-launch book purchase. That’s two gifts in addition to a book that could very well be the catalyst that changes your life and moves you in a positive direction toward great health and wellness of the mind and body forever.



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02 Jun

Don’t wait for November to cast your vote.

Posted in Political America on 02.06.12


You vote an average of three times per day. Make it right choices!

It is my hope that my efforts here at A Voice For Change will bring you one step closer to realizing that you have great power and that you can exercise that power by voting at least three times a day. That’s right, you are making a vote every time you put something into your mouth. What do you think happens to processed food conglomerates when you stop purchasing their foods? What do you think happens to the local organic farmer when you start purchasing their pure, unadulterated food and support their efforts? Let me tell you what happens, you start a revolution.

Don’t wait for November. Cast your vote for pure food. Let’s start healing our bodies from the inside out! Visit www.avoiceforchange.com and find out more.




Image courtesy of Gary Mcinnes


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31 May

Food Is Not A Luxury or a Science Project!

Posted in Misc Articles on 31.05.12


Be an advocate for your freedom to choose!Do not delay starting to take action. Become an advocate for personal freedom of choice as to what you put into your body. There are companies and individuals in the real world, trying to control what we consume. These individuals don’t look past their bottom line. They don’t stop long enough to really contemplate the big picture of what they are doing to our planet. We can no longer afford to be selfish and to just be considerate of our own personal needs and luxuries. Food is not a luxury. Good, pure, wholesome, unadulterated food and water is a necessity for life and great health.

Help me, help us, help you by joining Dr. Pearson and I on our mission to get everyone healthy. Learn how you too can become a walking billboard and show others how to walk the walk to great health and well being. It is never too late to start. You’ll realize improvement within weeks of beginning and it won’t drag on forever. Find out more by visiting www.avoiceforchange.com. Listen to some of the teleconferences and begin to get educated.

Wishing everyone abundant happiness and health always, Coach “D”!


Image compliments of Svilen Milev


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26 May

To Be The Best … You Must Learn From The Best

Posted in Global Information Network on 26.05.12


I Didn’t Know That (IDKT) …Join a community of like-minded people and become A Voice For Change

When I went on a search for a like minded community of achievers, people that were successful, people that used their money for more than their own desires, that I would find what I did. I kept an open mind and a positive attitude and I’m happy to report that I am now involved with a group of people that give back to their community helping others to realize their own dreams and desires. I am now a member of an organization that I am proud of. I’m sharing this information in the hopes that you too might want to be a member of this fabulous foundation.

Global Information Network … See if it is right for you. If you have questions or want to know more, let me know.

Now You Know (NYK) …

Turn over a new leaf; Transform a new life …
Coach “D”



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14 Feb

From the words of Albert Einstein … Invoke Change

Posted in Alternative Energy, Alternative Healthcare, Detoxification, Disease, Environmental, Global Information Network, Healthy Alternatives, Misc Articles, New Medicine Foundation, Political America on 14.02.12


Albert Einstein

This is why I do what I do.  It would have been easy to learn what I learned and not do anything with it except to use it on myself.  I care about the universe.  I care about human beings.  I love my daughters.  I want them and everyone to have the opportunities I had.  In order to manifest those desires, I need to take truth, my new knowledge, and do something with it.  Now you know how and why  A Voice For Change was created.

Do something today.  Don’t wait.


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18 Jan

I {heart} Kevin Trudeau

Posted in Environmental, Global Information Network, Political America on 18.01.12


Many of you may or may not know that I am a fan of Kevin Trudeau.  I am also a GIN club member for a reason.  In this video, radio broadcast, Kevin talks about the “patriot” act which he feels should be called the “Hitler” act or the “dictator” act.  I agree and I am outraged at what is happening in America and I plan on taking a stand.  That is why I am letting you know about this.  It affects every single person in America.  It affects your health gravely if you don’t do anything.  Watch this by clicking on the link and then clicking on the box on the right side of the screen that has Kevin and a flag hanging behind him.  Click on the play button arrow and watch.  What Kevin says is true.  I have done the homework for you.  If you have heard something negative about Kevin, consider the source then write to me so I can tell you the truth.  WATCH TODAY.  You too can help us make a difference.  http://www.ktradionetwork.com/

PS:  If you can’t get on right away, keep trying.  They are trying to close him down.  They don’t want you to know what he has to say.

Now You Know (NYK) …

Join me and become A Voice For Change



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09 Jan

High Body Fevers Can Kill Cancer Cells? Really?

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Disease, Health, Healthy Alternatives on 09.01.12


I didn’t know that (IDKT) ….a high body fever kills certain types of cancer cells!  Amazing right?  This has been in the test stages for nearly a century and a half.  It was discovered in 1868 by a family physician treating a 43 year old woman suffering from sarcoma of the face.  It cleared up shortly after her bout with a strep infection that produced a 105 degree fever.  There have been reports published on findings that support this therapy in 1906 and again in 1957 and I’m sure if I kept looking, I’d find more.   The bottom line on my findings; if you have cancer, investigate this treatment.

In the old days, the only way body temps could be increased was with the introduction of bacteria or a foreign body that would facilitate the human bodies need to produce a fever to help fight an infection.  In doing so, it was hoped that along with killing the introduced bacteria,


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06 Jan

Buyer Beware! Natural isn’t what its cut out to be or is it?

Posted in Environmental, Healthy Alternatives, Nutrition, Reconnective Healing on 06.01.12


I didn’t know that (IDKT) …. corporate America had infiltrated the natural and/or organic food industry. It seems they are slowly slipping in through the cracks and we need to stop this from happening. The informed consumer votes at least three times a day. They vote for products every time they put them into their mouth or purchase them at their local market. Buyer beware. Here is a perfect example of what I am referring to.

I didn’t know that Kashi cereal was owned by Kellogg’s! I also didn’t know that Kashi cereal is highly contaminated with GMO’s. I thought Kashi was a pure, “natural” cereal. I guess that brings us to the definition of “natural”. Arsenic is natural. So is lead, mercury, tin, etc. See where I am going with this? Natural isn’t necessarily good for the human body. If Kashi is being manufactured with GMO’s, need I say more.


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20 Dec

Who do you trust these days?

Posted in Healthy Alternatives on 20.12.11


I didn’t know that (IDKT) there was such deceit running amuck in the world today.  It is a sad state that we are in but one that I have decided to conquer in 2012.  Apathy is a state of mind that is banned from residing in my head.  Listening to facts that are presented from a fear based mentality will no longer live under the same roof with me.

Instead of focusing on the sour side of life, I have decided to focus on the sweet side and make resolutions that I’ll stick to this year that will work toward effective, positive change in the days, weeks and years to come.  I’m making resolutions that will reward those that have treated me, my family, friends and clients with the utmost of integrity and fairness.  I have a few things in particular that I will pay attention to as we move into the year of new beginnings:

1.     I will only conduct business with individuals and companies that


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