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16 Nov

Dr. Burzynski – Cancer is Big Business – Needs Our Help

Posted in Cancer, Disease, Health, Knowledge is Power Series on 16.11.15


Stop CancerCuring cancer would be detrimental to the pharmaceutical industry. They know it too and are at it again, trying to do whatever it takes to silence the doctors that are curing cancer, especially Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. Even if a doctor is curing 10% of his patients, shouldn’t the powers that be support his efforts instead of trying to squash them and put them out of business? If a patient is sent home to die, shouldn’t that person have the right to try anything and everything they deem appropriate for themselves? Cutting, poisoning or burning cancer should not be forced upon us as American citizens. Those three options are not the only answers or treatment available when it comes to a diagnosis of cancer but in America they are our only legal options. There are doctors out there, like Burzynski, that are on the front lines proving that alternatives do exist.

The only thing Dr. Burzynski is guilty of holding is a patent to his cure and big pharma will stop at nothing to get it from him. When they get it, guess what happens next? Here is some interesting information from Dr. Mercola. You decide and then maybe you too will help get the word out. After all, cancer could touch your life too. Better be educated now than to be devastated later on. http://bit.ly/1Ocnydx

And if you can go one more step, we need your help in a big way. We’re asking for volunteers in the Austin Texas area to go to the State Office of Administrative Hearings on the morning of Nov 19th and exercise their right to protest these absurd charges and hearings. It’s 9:00am on Thursday, November 19, 2015, at 300 West 15th Street, Fourth Floor, Austin, Texas. Hearings will continue through November 25, 2015, before recessing until January 19, 2016, when it will reconvene at 9:00am and continue through January 29, 2016, if necessary.

There will be a lot of media attention and we need to show how powerful our voices are and that we will NOT be silenced.

Please arrive at 8:30am and bring signs that read “Dr. Burzynski saves lives” or “Stop persecuting Dr. Burzynski” or whatever else you’re inspired to write.

I personally will not be able to travel and be in Austin but I’m doing my best to tell everyone I can and I’m hoping you will too. Even if you can’t make it in person, please tell everyone you can on Facebook and other social media sites.

Hopefully, if you’re in Austin (or inspired to travel there) you can go and represent the movement in a powerful way. We have alternatives for fighting cancer. Don’t believe me, check these out …..

More Dying Patients Being Denied Access to Dr. Burzynski’s Life-Saving Treatment    http://bit.ly/1WWCvb8

The Truth About Cancer

Cancer is big business and big pharma doesn’t like competition. Dr. Burzynski Update 2015      http://bit.ly/1RZPlih

The powers that be want to bully Dr. Burzynski until he gives up. What a sick society we live in when a few get to terrorize those of us that are trying to make a positive change in the world. And we thought ISIS was a threat to our future. Think again. ISIS pales in comparison to what happens to us daily due to the greed and power mongels that direct the Federal Reserve and Corpratocracy.

You can connect with Coach D, Donna Appel at A Voice For Change at www.avoiceforchange.com or send an email to her at donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com or donna@avoiceforchange.com. She is the lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation and the CEO of A Voice For Change. She can explain exactly what it is that NMF does virtually, all over the world. Lose weight, get your hormones, thyroid and adrenals balanced, along with getting your blood checked all from the privacy of your home and under the care of a board certified doctor. It won’t cost you thousands and thousands of dollars either and you won’t be spending half of your paycheck on synthetic medications trying to mask the issues at hand. There are various easy to follow programs available and payment plans that make it all accessible for everyone. Sickness and disease is not normal. Health and wellness is and it’s easy to obtain.


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