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25 Jan

Never Give Up But Always Stick Together – A Winning Combo

Posted in Environmental, FACT!, GMOs, Health, Knowledge is Power Series, New Medicine Foundation, SOLUTION!, Take Action! on 25.01.16


Never Give Up But Always Stick Together
A Winning Combo

1385282_10151665910376160_352375928_nNever give up. We are winning and starting to see the demise of corporate corruption the likes of Monsanto. The public is very powerful when we work together. Watch this – http://naturalsociety.com/victory-senate-to-kill-monsanto-protection-act-amid-outrage/

Continued exposure has had Germany tell the EU that it is banning GMO crops. El Salvador kicked Monsanto and their seeds out of their country. 65 nations are now labeling and 14 have banned GMO’d crops. The dark act (deny American’s the right to know) HR 1599 passed the US House of Representatives. If you look at house members who voted in favor of the dark act you see that those individuals received an average of 3 times as much money from big ag as those that voted against it. Communicate with your senators. Tell them enough is enough. http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Monsanto’s stock has gone down. Monsanto is going to be tried at the international criminal court in 2016 for charges of ecocide and crimes against humanity and nature. This is a class action suit organized by Millions against Monsanto, Organic Consumers Association and many other groups.

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