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05 Sep

From Size 24 to 12 – Thank You

Posted in Weight Loss Testimonials on 05.09.11


August 28, 2011 – Hi Donna, I just wanted to update you on how I’m doing. I just finished up a 3 week round of sub-lingual hcg. My ending weight is 155.2. I’m feeling great. My hormones feel balanced and I’m sleeping soundly and doing well there. I’m exercising regularly, eating consciously and looking great in my clothes. Interestingly enough my basal temperature is starting to come up, too. It was hovering around 97.5 and it is now more in the height 97.7 and above. I’m surprised that my skin is not as droopy as I would it expect in places where I’ve lost a lot of body mass….thighs, tummy, back and under arms. It’s like I feed my body what it needs and it just knows what to do. I’m sure staying active is a large part of my success.

So from where I started in January 2011, 211 pounds, that’s 56 pound off. I was wearing


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