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22 Oct

Supporting Drug Free Meat

Posted in Health, Knowledge is Power Series, SOLUTION!, Take Action! on 22.10.14


Antibiotics used in PigsHelp me help all of us.  We are all under the threat from antibiotic-resistant superbugs, making us vunerable to common, once treatable infections. A remarkable 80 percent of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used by the meat and poultry industry so that factory farm animals can grow faster and survive crowded and unsanitary conditions.  Support meat without drugs http://www.meatwithoutdrugs.org/#watch. Lets unite and stop the abuse before it is too late. Tell your supermarkets and local farmers, “drug free meat for me!”   We can be the catalysts to turn the tide on this abuse. We can show our support for companies that don’t take our health for granted.

This is another must see quick video compliments of Chipotle:

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Image courtesy of www.theecologist.org


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