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14 Jul

The NEW Childhood in America! Are You Concerned?

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The NEW Childhood in America!

Are You Concerned?

Are you 1 of the 1’s?  Or do you know a 1?

The new childhood in America, I am sad to write that:

1 in 3 is overweight

1 in 6 has learning disabilities

1 in 9 has asthma

1 in 11 has ADHD

1 in 13 has food allergies

1 in 20 has seizures

1 in 45 males have autism

1 in 68 has autism

54% or nearly 1/2 of all children have a chronic illness or they are overweight.

This is the “NEW” normal in our country.

Are you concerned?  I am!  It is time for a change. 

I am Donna, A Voice For Change and this is a great documentary about “Communities Rising” and the power of the “collective people”.  We are the people.  We need to speak up NOW.

Don’t know where to begin.  Watch this.  See if it helps.  Connect with me too and find out what I am doing and how you can help.  Together, standing united, we can and do make a difference.  I hope you will join me to and protect our children from the abuse.

Donna Appel, A Voice For Change
Lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation
donna@avoiceforchange.com  561-389-6958

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26 Jan

Vaccinations – Massive HPV Vaccine Cover Up Revealed

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Massive Vaccine Cover-Up AGAIN!

Vaccination Safety Vs Profits Vs Efficacy


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11 Nov

Vaccinations – Dr. Pearson Talks About Safety Vs Profits Vs Efficacy

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Vaccination Safety Vs Profits Vs EfficacyVaccinations Safety Vs Profits Vs Efficacy

Dr. Edward W. Pearson of the New Medicine Foundation discusses vaccinations – safety vs profits vs efficacy.  There is much controversy about vaccinations.  Listen now to this informative discussion.  Find out what Dr. Pearson does with his own children and how he feels about vaccinations in general and why.


I am also including a link to the current vaccine schedule that is mandatory for all children in America unless you have a religious exemption (which I can help you obtain, just ask me). Get educated before innoculating Click here for 2015 vaccine schedule

AND here are some links to some great educational material that will help you get educated and informed so that you can make your own decisions about what you will allow and what you will not allow when it comes to vaccinating:

All the latest up-to-date news – Vaccines Revealed

Trace Amounts

The Great Good Movie

Vaccine Nation

Shots In The Dark – The Silence on Vaccines

Join us live in the future. Have a question?  Get it ready and ask the doc yourself.  These are interactive teleconferences with a goal to educate and inform.  We are turning a corner in healthcare today. Coach D, Dr. Edward W. Pearson and the team at the New Medicine Foundation are leading the way to great health and wellness, by getting to the root of issues and healing the body instead of synthetically medicating it.  NMF practices virtual health care, helping thousands of people around the world heal and thrive.  Join us today and learn.

Have questions about HCG for weight loss or detoxification?  We devote the last part of the teleconference to answering any questions you may have about any topic, so be sure to join us.  Become a member of our group so you get our upcoming meeting notices.

Sign up for the individual meetings you would like to participate in. If you can’t attend a particular meeting and have questions, sign up anyway. You can ask questions via email until 6pm EST the day of the event.  Your questions will be read live and answered so you can listen to responses during the replay.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone.

In great health,
Coach D, Donna Appel
A Voice For Change CEO
New Medicine Foundation Lead Healthstyle Counselor

Participate live from home, work, auto, anywhere (sign up on MeetUp) or listen to the replay anytime by logging into the A Voice For Change blog page  (www.avoiceforchange.com/blog).

Topics for upcoming meetings are shown on Meet Up and vary week to week.  Meeting topics include but are not limited to weight issues and weight management, the use of hCG, detoxification, hormone, adrenal and thyroid balancing, addictions, psychology of food, food quality, food prep, recipes, etc and all that goes along with getting and staying healthy.  Have a topic you would like to discuss? Email the coach and let her know.

To join us on Meet up – click on this link – Join Virtual Support Group now!

Donna Appel, CEO A Voice For Change
Head Health Style Counselor at the New Medicine Foundation.


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23 Sep

Pink Slime Making a Come Back in Our Schools

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Food Addiction, Health, Nutrition on 23.09.13


IDKT (I Didn’t Know That)…


What is your child eating?

… pink slime is making a comeback. It seems to be that time of year again and pink slime is coming back into the news. Last year Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota were the three states that were buying the controversial USDA approved ground beef better known as pink slime for use in their school lunch programs. This year, Politico reports that as of September 3rd, 2013, two million pounds of this yuck has been purchased by seven states. Read their article: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/09/pink-slime-school-lunches-96502_Page2.html

I’m so disappointed. Why would districts in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia, in addition to the three that were doing it last year, continue to put our children in further health danger by having them eat this disgusting meat-like substance? They say it cuts the cost of ground beef by approximately three percent, but is anyone asking the big questions like: What’s the cost to our children’s health? Are we being penny wise and pound foolish? I think we are.


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