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25 May

Dr. Pearson Talks About Cortisol and the Adrenal Glands – Totally Misunderstood

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Disease, Knowledge is Power Series on 25.05.16


stress-1277561__180 copyCortisol and the Adrenal Glands

Dr. Pearson Talks


These glands are totally misunderstood!


Listen in as Dr. Edward W. Pearson of the New Medicine Foundation discusses Cortisol and the Adrenal Glands and how they are totally misunderstood.  This is an open discussion about the adrenal glands and the release of cortisol and how this bit of knowledge could be all you need to turn some health issues around.

Dr. Edward W. Pearson from the New Medicine Foundation was live on the call and will took questions from the attendees. All calls are recorded and the link for this recording is shown below.

Everyone needs to understand how the body works and how it is affected by the diseases that plague us today.  It is never too late.  The buck stops here. The truth is revealed along with solutions to turn your mental, emotional and physical health around once and for all.

Just sign up to attend future events so that you get the conference dial in information to listen live and the info for listening to the recordings.

Cortisol and the Adrenal Glands – Totally Misunderstood aired live via teleconference in 2016. This is a MeetUp sponsored group event hosted by A Voice For Change.   http://www.meetup.com/Weight-Loss-detox-hormone-balancing-Info-Lake-Worth-FL/


Questions?  Contact donna@avoiceforchange.com or call her direct at 561-389-6958.

Dr. Edward W. Pearson received his undergraduate training in Microbiology and Chemistry from the University of Florida, and his medical degree with an Academic Excellence Award from the University of South Florida, College of Medicine. He completed his internship from UC Davis in Sacramento in 2000. He became licensed and immediately began practicing as a primary care physician.

Displeased with what he saw in conventional medicine, after completing his internship and a short time in a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency, Dr. Pearson set out on his own to find the education that would teach him how to truly heal people and prevent the epidemics of chronic illness plaguing humanity. He is now becoming a worldwide expert in the field of truly  integrated health care, was certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine in 2005 / 2011, and receives ongoing training from the best educators in the world, to include the Institute of Functional Medicine and others.

Want more info – connect with the coaches coach, Donna Appel.  CEO of A Voice For Change and Lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation – 561-389-6958

Blessings and great health to all,
Donna Appel



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10 Oct

Adrenal Stress: Too much Cortisol???

Posted in Disease, Hormones on 10.10.11


I Didn’t Know That! (IDKT)

cortisol…there were three phases to the demise of the adrenal glands.  Each phase marks a further decline in these precious glands, eventually leading to disease.  What I also didn’t realize is how little doctors know, in general, about what to do to help the adrenals and how this can make all the difference when it comes to combating illness and staying healthy.

Let me explain the three phases first and go from there.

Phase 1 a.k.a. Adrenal Stress.  High cortisol levels are common today and are present in nearly all men, women and children right from birth.  Adrenal stress comes into being as a result of too much stress placed


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