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30 Sep

Stress Kills More Than You Think

Posted in Brain Mapping, Knowledge is Power Series, Neurofeedback, QEEG on 30.09.14


white-flagDid you know that The Centers for Disease Control along with the Mayo and the Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard Universities along with many other medical associations and professional individuals, state that stress is the cause of almost every health problem plaguing human beings today. Stress can affect your relationships as well as your joy in life and it even affects how much money you can make.

I should know as it has affected me first hand throughout my life in varying degrees. I am in the process of turning that around, however, as I have just signed up to go to college to learn the science of brainmapping and neurofeedback and how to track brain changing progress using a QEEG system (Quantitative Electroencephalography).  Quantum Physics and the latest in science discoveries has opened up a whole new field to explore and share.  My goal…. become certified and teach what I learn so that others can live the life of their dreams instead of the life of their past (as in past history).

There are things that have happened to me throughout my life that have left scars along with less than favorable habits and behaviors, that I would rather not pack in my suitcase moving forward in life. Now that I am in my 60’s, I feel the need to improve my life in dynamic, fascinating, compassionate, caring ways.  I feel the need to get out and about and share this knowledge first hand with those that want similar outcomes in their life such as being happy, joyous and in love with life from the inside out.

Stay tuned to this blog and watch as Coach D rocks your world while she rocks her own world and turns stress into bliss.

While you are waiting for updates, there is a way to help control stress. Make sure you are getting adequate, top quality B complex vitamins and minerals.  Visit http://www.avoiceforchange.com/products/b-complex-by-purecell/    to find out more or to order today.

What else does Coach D do  ….. You can connect with Donna Appel at A Voice For Change at www.avoiceforchange.com  or send an email to her at donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com or donna@avoiceforchange.com. She is the lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation and the CEO of A Voice For Change.  She can explain exactly what it is that NMF does virtually, all over the world.  Lose weight, get your hormones, thyroid and adrenals balanced, along with getting your blood checked all from the privacy of your home and under the care of a board certified doctor.  It won’t cost you thousands and thousands of dollars either and you won’t be spending half of your paycheck on synthetic medications trying to mask the issues at hand.  There are various easy to follow programs available and payment plans that make it all accessible for everyone.  Sickness and disease is not normal.  Health and wellness is and it’s easy to obtain.


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