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31 Mar

Spring Forward and Start Focusing on Diabetes

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Diabetes, Disease, Health on 31.03.12


A Voice for Change - Spring ForwardI Didn’t Know That … over 70 percent of adult Americans are already pre-diabetic. Let’s start with the basics. What is diabetes? It’s a condition that occurs when the body doesn’t use glucose (sugar) properly or normally. Glucose is our body’s main source of energy for its cells. Glucose in the blood is controlled by a hormone known as insulin which is made by the pancreas. It helps glucose enter our cells.

Pre-diabetes is the beginning of the malfunction of that process. Left unchecked, pre-diabetes turns into full-blown diabetes which in turn leads to other major complications in addition to diabetes. Did you know you can’t go to your doctor to be treated for pre-diabetes because no standards have been developed to date? There aren’t any treatment guidelines or approved medications, hence, no health care insurance reimbursement in the event you should find a doctor that understands how preventable diabetes is in the first place and what you can do about it.

Hummmm, seems to me that you have insurance to insure that when you get sick you have something to fall back on in terms of being reimbursed. The key words in that sentence are WHEN YOU not IF YOU get sick. You do not have insurance to keep you healthy insuring you against illness in the first place. We have it ass-backwards in this country. Insurance, the medical community and the food industry should be doing everything humanly possible to keep you healthy. In fact, the entire system does everything to make sure you get sick, from poisoning you with food full of pesticides, chemicals, artificial growth hormones and the like right through the process of monitoring your health from a preventative point of view.

The real question is when will we, the people, wake up and put a stop to this abuse. I hope it isn’t when we start to bury our children. You think children are reading this blog? You think children are aware of what is happening to our food supply? You think children are thinking prevention? You think they are thinking of what it is like to get diabetes and the diseases that follow? I think we as adults all know the answer to those questions. We were kids once remember? Those topics were the last things on our mind. Wake up America and smell the neglect before it is too late to turn back the clock, before it is too late to spring forward.

Now you know (NYK)! Pass it along and be A VOICE FOR CHANGE

To learn more about diabetes and other preventable/curable diseases visit our website.

Wishing you great health and happiness always,
Coach “D”, Donna Appel.

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