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01 Feb

PWL Weight Loss – January 2016 Special Event Recordings

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CAroline & Donna PWL 2016PWL Premier Weight Loss HCG Detox / Weight Loss Special Event Program Recordings:

Here are the recordings for the PWL Group  Weight Loss January 2016 Special event.

Questions or issues, contact Donna Appel at donna@avoiceforchange.com.

I will keep adding the recordings as the meetings happen.  Check back after the live teleconference to listen to new recordings.  These recordings are for use only by Premier Weight Loss patients or other authorized participants.  Thank you for honoring that request.

1. Get Ready – Jan 27

2.  Go – Day 1 – Feb 6  /  Part 1 & Part 2

3.  Go – Day 3 – Feb 8

4.  Going – Day 5 – Feb 10

5.  Going Day 12 – Feb 17 – Moving into Phase II & Beyond

6. Winding Down Day 19 – Feb 24

Remember – you can participate live from home, work, auto, anywhere and you can listen to the replays anytime by logging into the A Voice For Change blog page  (www.avoiceforchange.com/blog).

Can’t be on the call live, email your questions, then listen to the answers on the recording. Join us live to discuss HCG detox weight loss and so much more.  We meet at 8:30pm Eastern time on Wednesday evenings unless otherwise specified, via teleconference.  This call is only open to members of the PWL group.

These calls will continue through the entire PWL weight loss  program.

To join us on Meet up Wednesday evenings. Click on this link – Join Virtual Support Group now!

I hope you will join us soon.

Many blessings to you and Happy New Year, Coach D
Donna Appel, CEO A Voice For Change
Head Health Style Counselor at the New Medicine Foundation.


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