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04 Jun

Preserve Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted in Health, Healthy Alternatives, Hydrogen Peroxide, Knowledge is Power Series, SOLUTION! on 04.06.10


I didn’t know that (IDKT) …. food grade hydrogen peroxide is a wonderful disinfecting agent that can be used to prolong the life of fruits and vegetables and kill off harmful microorganisms that may have come in contact with those foods.Even some food packers are beginning to switch to the use of hydrogen peroxide, thereby eliminating the use of toxic chlorine.I found that using a solution of 1/8 of a cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of distilled water (transfer a smaller supply to a spray bottle for ease in use and store the remainder in a cool dark place), helps to eliminate the microorganisms.Just spray a little on your produce, shake off the excess and store the produce in appropriate containers in your refrigerator.Be careful not to re-contaminate the item once it is sprayed which can easily happen through human handling.You may want to consider wearing gloves.Taking this extra step when you bring fresh produce home from the market, is a great way to preserve freshness and overall shelf life.

I personally use food grade hydrogen peroxide.For more details on this procedure or to purchase 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, contact donna@avoiceforchange.com.

Now you know (NYK)! Pass it along and be A VOICE FOR CHANGE.
Namaste (I bow to you), Donna


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