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18 Jan

Magnesium-Finding the Right Source and Type for Relieving Constipation

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Magnesium Finding the Right Source and Type For Relieving Constipation

PureMagOne magnesium deficiency side affect is constipation, which can leave you feeling bloated and miserable. Increase your intake of magnesium that consists of magnesium malate and glycinate and see if that solves your constipation woes. Many think that magnesium citrate will do the trick but it has been my experience that this is not so especially for those with colon or rectal issues. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you find the dose of magnesium malate/glycinate that works best for you and start to take it on a daily basis. Besides having a health positive effect on regular bowel movements, it is also excellent for cardiovascular health and fatigue related issues. Click here to check out the PureCell brand.

Magnesium a vital mineral to overall health. Getting the correct facts about the mineral magnesium, can be life changing. Not all magnesium is created equal. You can hear Coach D talk about what it does, how to know you are deficient and what type of magnesium is the best by clicking this link.  Yes, believe it or not, there are more than eight different types of magnesiuim and they are not all created equal as several of our current patient’s discovered while doing a recent detox. 

You too can walk the path to great health and wellness without breaking your wallet. Contact me today and make 2016 the year of great health and wellness for you and your entire family. Donna Appel 561-389-6958 or email me at donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com.

We are turning a corner in healthcare today. Coach D, Dr. E (Dr. Edward W. Pearson) and the team at the New Medicine Foundation are leading the way to great health and wellness, by getting to the root of issues and healing the body instead of synthetically medicating it.  NMF practices virtual health care, helping thousands of people around the world heal and thrive.

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