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28 Dec

How do you get healthy in 2012? Follow me and find out. They did….

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Thanks, Donna. I’ve really learned how to stand up for myself and the people who are not supporting me are going. That’s just the way it has to be. Merry Christmas and thank you for all of your support this year. It changed my life.”
– MJ, New York

Weight loss is easier than you think and it is permanent provided you are ready to learn the truth and take action to regain control over your life.  We teach from the top down.  What the FDA and the AMA are doing to keep you fat and sick and what we are doing to turn the tables on that mentality.  When you’re done, you’ll understand your body a whole lot more and will be better able to make changes that are easy and rewarding to the health of your body, your mind and your spirit.  Join me as I march into my 60’s more vibrant and alive than I have ever been before.  If I can do it and they can do it, so can you!   Sign up today and be a apart of my personal “Little Group Program”.  It will be the best $300 you ever spent.

“Just wanted to say thank you.  Last night’s webinar was great.  Whatever you said or did made it so much better to understand the great doctor.  We could understand everything.  Thank you!!”
CE, Kansas

$300 – Little Voice Program
Include 6 other people in your group and
you pay $200 for your program as the organizer!

$250 – Big Voice Program
Include 12 other people in your group and
you pay $100 for your program as the organizer! 

$250 – Yell it From the Rooftop Program
Include more than 12 other people in your group and
your program is FREE as the organizer!

“Thank you both for all your support through this round of Hcg. It makes a world of difference. I had been heavy for so many many years, after going through an early menopause around age 40, trying so many diets, failing so many times, even with twice a week gym sessions with a trainer. I look at pictures and can’t believe I carried all that weight around, flushed cheeks, blood pressure slowly rising, feeling so down on myself. From January to now, after beginning with Caroline’s detox and then with Donna, I lost a total of at least 36lbs (I didn’t have a scale the first week or so)…and I have stayed within 5 lbs of my loss though Hcg. I will need to continue to be very careful…I don’t want to regain that again! I know the weight is not EVERYTHING. But it has ceased to be such a distraction in my life. I can put on clothing and FEEL comfortable. My legs do not hurt at the end of the day. I have more energy. I don’t have to hide behind bulky sweaters. Now the real journey begins to continue to stay healthy and pursue healthy habits. Your support has kept me on track, encouraged me when I was feeling like I couldn’t do it, helped me see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I thank you.” – MW, Florida

All programs consist of:
8 Week HCG Detox/Weight Loss/Cleanse Program and Include:

* 2 Bottles of our NEW professional formula homeopathic sublingual  hCG drops
1 Bottle of Detox Plus Caps for use in proper bowel elimination
1 Guide Book – The How to Book for HCG Weight Loss by Donna Appel
1 Set of Food Intake/Weight Loss Monitoring Forms
Coaching for 33 days on Phase I – weight loss/detoxification
Coaching for 21 days on Phase II – reset the hypothalamus-lock in new set-weight point
* Coaching for 2 days on master cleanse program (participation is optional)
Bi-weekly call in webinars for Q & A sessions and progress monitoring

Let us help you lose 15 to 20 pounds in a month and teach you how to keep it off for good!

* All meetings can be done from the privacy of your own home  *  You don’t have to have the group in your area; they can come from anywhere in the world  *  If the group is local to me, I will visit and teach in person  *  If it is not, it will all be done virtually  *  We will touch on many subjects during the program including hormone balancing, weight loss after the detox, supplementation, exercise, EFT (emotional freedom technique), emotional eating, stress management, subconscious thoughts, depression, and so much more  *
*  Put an end to yo-yo dieting once and for all.  We teach.  We don’t preach!  *

Click here to contact Donna for further details and ordering instructions. 

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