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16 Aug

SOLUTION! (Now You Know) – Aug 15

Posted in SOLUTION! on 16.08.11


FACT: Half of the large chain restaurants do not provide any
nutrition information to their customers.

SOLUTION: Demand to know what is in
the food you eat while dining out.  You have
the right to know!


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2 comments on this topic

  1. Joan (weight loss tips) Lauriano says:

    This is a interesting artice, so deeply appreciated. It has been many weeks since I enjoyed a post so much! You got me excited and I just want to add in a few things. My 2 cents on this topic: Really, in my opinion fat loss broadly boils down to 3 main things – right choice of food, focused exercise and plenty of rest. In summary, always eat right, sleep tight and exercise well.

    1. Donna Appel says:

      I hear what you are saying and this may be true for you but for millions out there that are out of balance, all the right food choices, exercise and rest available in the universe, will not help with weight loss. Before a body can begin to shed these unwanted pounds that house unwanted harmful toxins, they must first get balanced. That is nearly impossible to do without a little help from mother nature. In a perfect world, I would agree with you, however, we don’t live in that perfect world yet so until we do, it is nice to know that people like me can help those that need it and I might add, do it from the heart and not from the pocket book! Blessings to you. Hope you have a beautiful day.

      1. Donna Appel says:

        There is so much more to weight loss like adrenal function, gluten sensitivity, sugar ailments – education is the #1 component to successful weight loss. Follow that with a doctor that knows how the body actually functions and you are more than 1/2 way to reaching your great health goals. Not a believer yet – look at my picture – i’m 58 there and getting younger by the minute! Get educated – here is a great way to start

        Listen to The Doc and Donna Show on the radio too – here are some recordings from past shows


        we are also on the web Monday at noon eastern time on contact talk radio – don’t miss us live each Monday – you can talk to doc and ask a question. We are all about education. Hope to hear from you then.

        have a super day. All the best, Coach “D”