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05 Sep

Detox – Weight Loss – Hormone Balancing Special Promo

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Dr. Pearson on HormonesWeight Loss, Hormone Balancing, Detox and KickOff to Great Health Program includes:

1. 21 Day Pure Cell Detox – Weight Loss Kit
2. Hormone saliva test kit and  evaluation
3. Dr. Pearson’s personal participation and   education through the entire program.
4. Coach D as your hormone balancing and detox coach through the entire program.
5. Weekly calls and teleconferences starting with the kick off launch on Thursday, September 10th at 8:30pm Eastern, 5:30pm Pacific time to review program details and get ready to begin. Actual group detox begins Saturday, September 12th. We will have a call on Saturday morning at noon Eastern time, 9:00am Pacific, to make sure that everyone is ready to begin. Coach will answer any last minute questions. After that we will be meeting briefly via teleconference on Monday and Thursday evenings for check in, Q & A, and education. You can begin the program anytime you choose through the month of September. All calls will be recorded so you can listen in later if so desired.
6. Book and food/weight recording materials for the program sent via email.
7. Review by Dr. Pearson of blood labs provided by participant. Does not include a full review or written evaluation. The doctor is checking for any major issues that need to be addressed.
8. Option to continue the detox for up to 24 more days for a discounted price of $499.
9. Option to pay for blood lab testing from Lab Corp for $350.
10. Option to pay for a full written evaluation and doctor consultation of blood test results for a discounted price of $499.

Drawing and running the lab tests on the blood is an additional $350 to the client, if they do not have insurance or if their insurance deductable is higher than our cost to have it done. I have attached a copy of the blood draw Rx that you can take to your lab or send to your insurance carrier for clearance of payment before you begin. This way you will know in advance what to expect in terms of coverage. If you have any blood labs previously done in the last six months, we can use them instead of retesting all over again too. The call is yours to make. Either way, just make sure that we have blood labs to review before you finish the program.

Once the hormone testing is done and received at the office, Dr. Pearson would include a written evaluation detailing what the hormone testing revealed and what he recommends as a means to correct the specific imbalances. This is a report that is easy to understand. It can be reviewed with your coach or with the doctor, if so desired.

Program price is just $999 for a limited time only. 

Contact Donna if you are interested in joining our team. This is going to be an awesome, fun event. Lose 10 to 15 pounds in 3 weeks and keep it off. You will be amazed just like I was 8 years ago. I’ll be 62 in December. I want everyone to feel as fantastic as I feel. This is how you do it. Join the team and see for yourself. donna@avoiceforchange.com.

Here is the recording describing the event:

Remember – you cann participate live from home, work, auto, anywhere and you can listen to the replays anytime by logging into the A Voice For Change blog page  (www.avoiceforchange.com/blog).

Can’t be on the call live, email your questions, then listen to the answers on the recording. Join us live on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to discuss HCG detox weight loss and so much more.  We meet at 8:30pm Eastern time via teleconference.  This call is only open to members of the team.

These calls will continue through the entire detox/weight loss/hormone balancing program.

To join us on Meet up – click on this link – Join Virtual Support Group now!

I hope you will join us soon.

Many blessings to you, Coach D
Donna Appel, CEO A Voice For Change
Head Health Style Counselor at the New Medicine Foundation.


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