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15 Dec

2016 Premier Weight Loss Program with Donna Appel & Caroline Sutherland is Here

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CAroline & Donna PWL 2016Join

Donna Appel & Caroline Sutherland

For The 7th Annual New and Improve

Premier Weight Loss Program!

Have you dieted,
lost weight and then regained it all
countless times, only to give up in despair?

 Let’s turn that around beginning January 5th, 2016
starting off with Caroline’s 7-Day New Year’s Detox Program.

Space is Limited – Email Donna & Sign Up Today!

donna@avoiceforchange.com or call 561-389-6958

Find out why food allergies, the yeast syndrome, uncontrollable cravings and hormones are the cause of your weight challenges and what you can do about it. We are offering:
* Weekly weight-loss teleconferences featuring a monitored program
* The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis procedure for weight loss
* PLUS 4 weeks of an hCG program for further detoxification and immediate weight loss featuring specialized coaching from Coach Donna Appel (lose stubborn stored fat, toxins and cellulite at a cellular level in a matter of a few weeks).

957450_bulls-eyeYou’ll Be Targeted For Success

 Caroline will be concentrating on:
*Food Allergies, Food Cravings and Yeast Issues
*Virtual Gastric Band 4 Week Hypnosis Process is a non-surgical technique which utilizes the power of hypnosis to retrain the person to be satisfied with much smaller amounts of food. The hypnotherapy convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake, and that there is no need for more food.

Donna will be concentrating on:
*Coaching through a 21 day hCG homeopathic detox/weight loss program
*Teaching about balancing hormones, ridding your body of addictions
*A remote Reconnective Healing session will be included for each attendee
*Combating issues related to your mind, body and soul – creating positive self thoughts

Donna is also offering a Reconnective® healing session (as seen on Dr. Oz). This session is done in real time (distance energy healing) for anyone that is interested.  This will help participants with a more balanced flow of energy.  Products and printed materials including a copy of Donna’s latest ebook are included in the program.

All this plus all the supplies that go along with the various programs for the one time price of $799.
Can’t afford $799 in one clip?
Visit paypal.com and sign up for their six month interest-free, bill-me-later payment plan.

Space is Limited – Email Donna & Sign Up Today!

What Past Attendees Had to Say

I had the opportunity to first work with Donna in 2012, while a client of the New Medicine Foundation in the hormone evaluation and balancing program. She was a great liaison in providing good, basic information and sound advice on the options available.  Subsequently in 2014/15 Donna coached me through a Detox Program, which is recommended after a period of hormone therapy. I was highly reluctant at first, mostly because I felt that I was mostly in good physical shape, a bit underweight and resident outside the US, therefore not having direct access to service providers. Donna was extremely patient with my many questions and was able to provide me sufficient and satisfactory information to make a decision to proceed.  This is probably one of the best health decisions I have ever made. Donna was a true coach and mentor. She responded in quick time to all questions arising, as I progressed through the program. Her knowledge, compassion, encouragement and assurance throughout, was truly remarkable.  With my 55th birthday approaching in 2016, I look and feel the best and strongest that I ever have. Thank you Coach D!! Looking forward to working with you in 2016 and beyond. EA, West Indies”

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and our group. I have lost a total of 13 pounds (I have slid off the protocol a few times which is why I want the VGB top-off). You are a terrific coach and guide and your personal experience and stories are so inspiring and motivating. You speak with an authentic voice and say what you mean and mean what you say and I love that about you. I am so grateful I found you! You are the best Donna!
With love and gratitude, CP, New York

Hey Donna. Wanted to say Thank You for your great program and coaching. You were right, staying on the program a few extra days did the trick for me. I lost a total of 19.5 pounds on the program. Happy with that. I loved all the info you shared with us about GMO and food industry. If you do have a club or sessions that get together on the web, I would love to know about that. I have used Tapping for going through a divorce. I have also used it for getting rid of a terrible habit. Use it frequently just to clear the stress of the day. I have a very busy job. I am a OB/Gyn Nurse Practitioner. Thank you so much. Love and Light. KR, Arizona”

“I have lost 55 lbs using combination of VGB and HCG … thank you God, Body and Caroline and Donna for your guidance… Thanks so much….. -DF, Arizona”

“Donna, I wanted to thank you for my remote Reconnective session. I was incredibly relaxed when we finished and just rested in bed for about 1/2 hour after. During the session I wasn’t aware of anything significant happening, but did have a sensation of warmth on my left side and had the most amazing kaleidoscope of colours happening behind my eyes: the end result was total calm and relaxation. Thank you again. -P, Canada”

Space is Limited – Email Donna & Sign Up Today!

Coaching 4Donna Appel is a life transformation specialist and coach specializing in hCG for detoxification and weight loss. She is versed in the area of hormone balancing and is the head health style counselor for the New Medicine Foundation.  She is the author of The How to Book for HCG Weight Loss as well as Coming Full Circle, The Soul, The Mind, The Body, It’s All Connected (a complete guide to the use of hCG and more including EFT, Law of Creation, hormone balancing, food allergies, sugar addictions, water and body pH, supplements, exercise, metabolism and more). She is a Reconnective Healing® practitioner, the founder of A Voice For Change, founder of Hungry for Hugs (a not-for-profit organization) devoted to self love, healing, and the connection between food and pain.

Caroline head shotCaroline Sutherland is an author, health educator, medical intuitive, relaxation therapist, hypnotherapist and a Certified Practitioner in the Virtual Gastric Band procedure. Caroline is a radio host, teacher and innovative leader in the fields of nutrition, personal development, and energy medicine. She’s the popular Hay House author of “The Body Knows” book series. For the past 30 years, she has helped thousands of people to lose weight and achieve optimum health.

Need additional information:
Contact Donna Appel
A Voice For Change
or sign up on Caroline Sutherland’s website by clicking here:


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21 Feb

Feel the Reconnective Love

Posted in Healthy Alternatives, Reconnective Healing, Reconnective Healing on 21.02.14


ID-100234561Donna, I wanted to thank you for my remote Reconnective session. I was incredibly relaxed when we finished and just rested in bed for about 1/2 hour after. During the session I wasn’t aware of anything significant happening, but did have a sensation of warmth on my left side and had the most amazing kaleidoscope of colours happening behind my eyes: the end result was total calm and relaxation. Thank you again.
“P”, Canada


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13 Mar

Healthy America – Here are the Numbers

Posted in Reconnective Healing on 13.03.12


I didn’t know that (IDKT) ….Healthy America

  1. Obesity adds $147 billion a year to our doctor bills.
  2. Less than 1% of American cropland is farmed organically.
  3. A pig goes from birth to slaughter in approximately five months.
  4. 19% of U.S. fossil fuels goes toward food production.
  5. Americans spend less than 10% of their incomes on food. In 1966 it was 18%.
  6. When we eat a cheeseburger, a Chicken McNugget or drink soda, we’re also eating corn.
  7. In the past 10 years, the Federal Government dumped over $50 billion into the corn industry, keeping prices artificially low.
  8. Nearly 23 million tons of fertilizer is used for crop production a year.
  9. Fertilizer run off contributes to the “dead zone”, an approximately 6,000 square mile area in the Gulf of Mexico that has almost no oxygen and almost no sea life.  The Gulf of Mexico fishing industry loses approx 212,000 metric tons of seafood a year as a result. There are nearly 400 similar “dead zones” around the world.
  10. It is estimated that 70% of antimicrobial drugs used in the USA are given to animals.
  11. 1% of Americas cattle are raised organically.
  12. Chipolte Restaurants buy organic and local whenever possible and serve some of the most nutritious fast food on the market today.
  13. Organic methods of farming can produce just about as much yield per acre as conventional farming but it requires more human labor. With unemploymentsoaring, going organic could help the economy and our land/environment at the same time. A win win situation if you ask me.

Now you know (NYK)! Pass it along and be A VOICE FOR CHANGE.
Namaste (I bow to you), Donna


Info taken from an article by Bryan Walsh “The Real Cost of Cheap Food”, “America’s Food Crisis and How to Fix It” as found in the August 31st, 2009 issue of Time Magazine.


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06 Jan

Buyer Beware! Natural isn’t what its cut out to be or is it?

Posted in Environmental, Healthy Alternatives, Nutrition, Reconnective Healing on 06.01.12


I didn’t know that (IDKT) …. corporate America had infiltrated the natural and/or organic food industry. It seems they are slowly slipping in through the cracks and we need to stop this from happening. The informed consumer votes at least three times a day. They vote for products every time they put them into their mouth or purchase them at their local market. Buyer beware. Here is a perfect example of what I am referring to.

I didn’t know that Kashi cereal was owned by Kellogg’s! I also didn’t know that Kashi cereal is highly contaminated with GMO’s. I thought Kashi was a pure, “natural” cereal. I guess that brings us to the definition of “natural”. Arsenic is natural. So is lead, mercury, tin, etc. See where I am going with this? Natural isn’t necessarily good for the human body. If Kashi is being manufactured with GMO’s, need I say more.


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26 Oct

Coconut Oil: An Alternative to Body Lotions, Really? – Now You Know!

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Reconnective Healing on 26.10.11


IDKT (I didn’t know that) coconut oil had so many uses… beyond the obvious … and how beneficial it really is overall.  I have come to rely on coconut oil more and more and now, it is the mainstay ingredient that you will find in many rooms of my home.  Surprisingly for someone that hates coconut, I love the oil and even the cream.  It is not the same as eating coconut meat. Give it a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here are just a few of the things I do with this natural beauty wonder.

  1. Before getting out of the shower, rub a little all over your body. Shower off excess the and lightly towel dry.
  2. Before shutting off the light to go to sleep, rub a little on your face and on the bottoms of your feet or other areas of your body that are prone to being dry.
  3. Take it to the beach and slather it all over your body and on your hair.  — No, I don’t use sunscreen ever. It is toxic to the body and does nothing to prevent skin cancer.
  4. Buy some coconut cream and make frozen candy treats that you can keep in your freezer.  I put an almond in the center and have a couple of these great treats with a cup of tea in the evening.  You’ll find the recipe on my website.
  5. Dry lips, dab on some coconut oil.
  6. Oil and vinegar dressing is made with coconut oil in our home. It is a nice change of pace.
  7. Popcorn is delicious when I use coconut oil to pop the corn.
  8. Saute veggies using coconut oil.

Make sure you buy good quality oil.  I only buy organic.  I’m saving so much money not having to purchase moisturizers, sunscreens and the like.  I want to make sure I am getting the best for my body in terms of quality.  I don’t want anything going into my body that isn’t processed correctly, has been sprayed with toxic chemicals, or is genetically modified.

NYK (now you know). For more information or other alternatives for great health and wellness, visit www.avoiceforchange.com today. Make sure you sign up and become a member too.  We offer free classes about health and nutrition on weekly basis.




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18 Aug

Celebrate! Our Blog is fixed!

Posted in Reconnective Healing on 18.08.11


All fixed!  All better!  Feelin’ Good!
Lookin’ Good!

You can now click on the blog post to
open it individually.

Thank you everyone for your patience
and understanding!



Images found at www.robsmithjr.com and www.fineartamerica.com


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07 May

Discounted Pro-Argi9 Plus

Posted in Reconnective Healing on 07.05.11


Love Pro-Argi9 Plus?  Want to be a representative like I am and help others like I helped you?  Want to get your product a little cheaper?  Find out how.  Sign up today by visiting http://www.avoiceforchange.mysynergy.net/.

Namaste (I bow to you),

This information is not intended to be taken as medical advice.  Do not alter or medical discontinue treatment or use of medications without the consent of your physician.  These statments have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Pro-Argi9 Plus is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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07 May

I {Heart} Happy Clients!

Posted in Reconnective Healing on 07.05.11


Dear Donna,

     I want to thank you for your weight loss program.  When I started your program, I weighed 147lbs. (I couldn’t seem to lose weight even though my diet was so strict and I exercised so much.)  Lately I have been enjoying my new weight of 132 lbs!!!  I cannot thank you enough for helping me get to this point!

Gratefully, CT, Texas

Congratulations on your progress, Gratefully!!!
How exciting! I’m so proud I could burst!!

Namaste (I bow to you),

Contact me through my normal channels on http://www.avoiceforchange.com/ or send an email message to donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com or donna@avoiceforchange.com

Image found on www.realbeauty.com


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06 May

HCG WEIGHT LOSS – Get Access to Members Only Site

Posted in Reconnective Healing on 06.05.11


Sign up for unlimited access to learn more about supplements, get hCG recipes, hCG dos and don’ts, ideas to keep the weight off for good and food facts information. New information is being added all the time.

Click here to subscribe!

Namaste (I bow to you), Donna
You can contact me through my normal channels on http://www.avoiceforchange.com/ or send an email message to
donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com or donna@avoiceforchange.com



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05 May

New Medicine Foundation Theory

Posted in Reconnective Healing on 05.05.11


NMF Theory The Cause: Toxins Everywhere! 

NMF believes the number one problem with everyday health and the largest known contributor to the epidemic of chronic illness is increasing toxicity. Since the Industrial Revolution, the Western consensus has been to create more synthetic, new-to-nature chemicals which, over time, build up in the body. Our inherent detoxification processes do not know what to do with these chemicals. As a result, direct and indirect health problems occur. As our food supply has become less natural, increasing toxic burden over the last few decades, when combined with the nutrient deficiencies of our current diets, further compounds our health problems. 

The Effect: 

Many toxins contain complex properties that affect different people in different ways. Most create a combination of neuro-endocrine disruption (imbalanced hormones), oxidative stress (aging) and inflammatory responses. In return, these hormonal imbalances and inflammatory responses cause other imbalances and symptoms that are then diagnosed as illness. The illness worsens as more undesirable compounds are used for symptom control, while the primary imbalances are left uncorrected. This has spawned the downward spiral of traditional healthcare and contributed to our current epidemic of chronic disease. 
NMF Philosophy At the dawn of the new millennium, humanity finds itself in its most serious crisis of recorded history… one which threatens our very existence. Our failing health and healthcare system is at the heart of this crisis. Our reliance on synthetic solutions for every aspect of life and health is quickly putting our survival in jeopardy while polluting the very world that sustains us. The New Medicine Foundation teaches the return to a completely natural and harmonious way of life with organic healing systems that efficiently and effectively restore a healthy balance to our bodies quickly, thus reversing and preventing disease. This teaches a way of life that will also re-educate our race to live in peace with nature. Exercising a more natural healthstyle is a necessity for our survival and longevity. 

New Medicine Foundation rises out of necessity and will continue to educate the public concerning what ‘health’ means. NMF created the Detoxification Network of America to deliver this message: To live completely free from toxic exposure in any civilized part of the world is currently implausible, but the more education and empowerment, the more manageable. 

NMF Science The Solution: New Medicine 

Some physicians are learning to view most unnatural symptoms as signs of toxicity and that the resulting imbalances must be identified and corrected. By looking at health markers even without symptoms and with current technology, most illnesses can be prevented years, even decades before some of the most common diagnostic symptoms arise. Most of the time this can be done organically without the use of ever increasing amounts of synthetic chemicals and invasive procedures. 

With specific focus on organic detoxification, hormonal regulation and proper nutritional balance, NMF physicians take people through a healing process as their bodies’ imbalances are corrected. When symptom controlling medications can be discarded, the body’s normal functioning and feeling improves and the health cycle then repeats more efficiently.
To learn more, please visit my website and click on New Medicine Foundation.
Namaste (I bow to you), Donna
You can contact me through my normal channels on http://www.avoiceforchange.com/ or send an email message to donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com or donna@avoiceforchange.com



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