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02 Jun

Monsanto – The Agricultural Poster Child – Help Us Fight Their Injustices

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Monsanto AgriculturalMonsanto The Agricultural Poster Child

Help Us Fight The Injustices



Monsanto isn’t the biggest or the worst company in the world. But this St. Louis biotech giant has become the agricultural poster child for all that’s wrong with our industrial food and farming system.  With approx 21,000 employees in 66 countries and revenues exceeding 15 billion, they are indeed a big shot in the industry.

As was stated in a recent article that I read, this “monopolizer of seeds is the poster child for an industry that is the source of at least one-third of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.  And is largely responsible for the depletion of soil, water and biodiversity. Not to mention the company’s marginalization — and sometimes terrorization — of millions of small farmers.”

“Since the early 20th century, Monsanto has marketed highly toxic products that have contaminated the environment and permanently sickened or killed thousands of people around the world. In a rare exception, Monsanto was recently ordered to pay $46.5 million to compensate victims of its PCB poisoning. Sometimes the company settles out of court, to avoid having to admit to any “wrongdoing.”  “But for the most part, thanks to the multinational’s powerful influence over U.S. politicians, Monsanto has been able to poison with impunity.”

I am thrilled with what is going to take place. It’s happening in The Hague, Netherlands on October 15th and 16th of this year.  The International City of Peace and Justice panel, a distinguished panel of international judges, will hear testimony from witnesses that will be represented by legitimate lawyers, who have been harmed by Monsanto.

In preparation for the citizens’ tribunal, and during witness testimony, the judges will consider six questions that are relevant. This isn’t just in relation to Monsanto either. It is about all companies involved in shaping the future of agriculture.  Read more about this, hopefully, game changing tribunal. Learn how you can support their efforts.

Want more info about what we are doing to bring about change to  healthcare protocols around the world?  Want to know how NMF and AVFC are changing the face of medicine and helping people around the world to heal and thrive, virtually, from the comfort of their homes?  Connect with the coaches coach, Donna Appel.  CEO of A Voice For Change. She is also the Lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation.  I am available by phone (561-389-6958), email or skype.  I would be thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise with you about healing, health, coaching opportunities, physician training and more.

Blessings and great health to all,
Donna Appel


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14 Mar

Corruption – Another Big Pharma Crony is in Charge of the FDA! Are you Flippin Kidding Me???

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we the people2We the People
better wake up  and do something before it turns to



Another171811358 Big Pharma Crony
is now in Charge of the FDA!
Are you Flippin Kidding Me?
More Corporate Corruption!
More Government Take Over!



This is a good summary of the continuation of corporate corruption which was written by Dr. David Brownstein. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I thought I would share his comments and give you some food for thought.


toiletpaperWhen done reading,
you need to get off you ass and do something before
you end up wiping your ass with our constitution.



Another election day in Michigan.  “Again, as in past elections, I am unhappy with the choices presented to me.

As for my politics—I dislike both major parties and feel they have failed our country terribly. We are in desperate need of a third party where healthy, normal citizens can run for the major offices.

In the U.S., as in other countries, we have a lot of problems. But, the biggest problem–the white elephant in the room– is our dysfunctional health care system. We spend nearly 20% of our GNP on health care—well more than any other Western country– and have little to show for it. On every single health indicator as monitored by the World Health Organization, Americans finish dead last. As compared to other Western countries, America finishes last in every category including infant mortality and longevity. We take more medicines and inject our children with more vaccines than any other people on the face of the planet. Our children are suffering more and more health disorders and each generation seems sicker.

According to the WHO, our children are sicker than children from other Western countries. And, to top it off, our medicines are the most expensive. Clearly, taking more medicines or injecting more vaccines is not the answer.

I fear our health care expenditures will bankrupt the country if we do not change things.

So, which candidates could you trust to change this situation?

Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio have all been well-funded by Big Pharma. They have all received hundreds of thousands of dollars in financing from Big Pharma. Each one of these candidates is already bought and sold by the Big Pharma Cartel. None of these candidates can be counted on to make the right decisions when it comes to the Big Pharma Cartel.

Recently the Senate confirmed a new director of the FDA—Dr. Robert Califf.  I have two words for this confirmation: Oy vey.

Dr. Califf is the epitomy of the Big Pharma Cartel insider. (Note—the next bit of info was taken form Naturalnews.com),  A disclosure statement on the website of Duke Clinical Research Institute says “Robert M. Califf, MD, reports receiving research grant support from Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson/Scios, Lilly, Merck, and Schering Plough, and consulting fees from Annenberg, Aterovax, Bayer / Ortho McNeil, BMS, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK, WebMd / theheart.org, Johnson and Johnson / Scios, Kowa Research Institute, McKinsey & Company, Medtronic, Merck, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Aventis, and Schering Plough, and has an equity position with NITROX, LLC.”

In disclosure information for a 2013 article in Circulation, Dr. Califf’s also lists financial links to Gambro, Regeneron, Gilead, AstraZeneca, Roche, other companies and equity positions in four medical companies. The medical website Medscape discloses that Dr. Califf “served as a director, officer, partner, employee, advisor, consultant or trustee for Genentech” as well as for Medscape LLC / theheart.org. Portola Pharmaceuticals says Dr. Califf served on the Board of Directors until he was appointed FDA Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products and Tobacco.

Appearing on PBS with Susan Dentzer after Vioxx was withdrawn because of its links to thousands of heart attacks and stroke, Dr. Califf said, “Merck played by the rules from everything that I’ve seen.” He also said, “many of us consult with the pharmaceutical industry, which I think is a very good thing. They need ideas and then the decision about what they do is really up to the person who is funding the study.” What?

The FDA is tasked with regulating Big Pharma. The FDA has not been doing a very good job of that in the past as illustrated in the Vioxx debacle where 50,000 people died and over 100,000 suffered a stroke or heart attack from taking drug—Vioxx—that never should have been approved. Merck played by the rules? Give me a break, Dr. Califf.

So, who opposed the confirmation of Dr. Califf? Not the two Republican Senators who are currently running for office—Cruz and Rubio.

Bernie Sanders, currently running for the Democratic nomination opposed Califf’s nomination because Senator Sanders felt he was a Big Pharma insider.

That leaves Donald Trump on the Republican side who has received very little money (similar to Bernie Sanders) from Big Pharma. I saw a report where he received less than $1,000 from Big Pharma. Trump has made it clear that he will not be influenced by big donors in the election.

It is a sad situation that most of the candidates who are running for the most powerful position in the U.S. are bought and sold by Big Pharma before they are even elected.

What can we do? We can say we have had enough and elect someone who will work for us, the citizens. I see the appeal of Trump and Sanders as they are the only two candidates who I feel are not going to be pawns for Big Pharma.

I know both candidates have their issues, but that is how I see it. Unless we change who we elect, big Pharma will keep doing as it pleases, until we are bankrupt. Also, it is time to elect a whole new Congress who can stand up to Big Pharma.

Keep in mind, these elected officials should work for us, not Big Pharma.”

1901225_10152165181369130_834719233_nThank you Dr. Brownstein.  I really could not have said this better.  What is happening to us as Americans and as human beings living on this planet is criminal. We need to wake up and smell the coffee before it turns to mud; before we turn to puppets and sick ones at that.

For now I do have a solution. Let me and the team at the New Medicine Foundation work for you and your family. We offer affordable virtual healthcare to any and everyone from the comfort of your home. We help people heal the body from the inside out. We help the body heal by balancing hormones, addressing adrenal fatigue issues, poor performing thyroid challenges, deficiencies and toxicity. Lose a few toxic pounds, get balanced, learn to eat for optimum energy and health and be done with the broken medical system once and for all.

You have options. Get educated and find out what those options are today. Connect with Coach D, Donna Appel. She is the CEO of A Voice For Change and the lead health style counselor at the New Medicine Foundation. Dr. Edward W. Pearson and the team at NMF have the answers to help you live your best life today.  Call or write for a free quote and consultation today.   561-389-6958 or email donna.appel@newmedicinefoundation.com.

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Thanks for caring and sharing.  All the best, Donna Appel
CEO for A Voice For Change and Lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation.


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23 Feb

Who is KILLING THE HEALERS and Why? Death Part 1

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Health, Knowledge is Power Series, Misc Articles, Political America, Take Action!, Vaccines on 23.02.16


crime sceneDeath Part 1

In June of 2015, a well-respected Florida health practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, went missing and was then discovered floating face down in a North Carolina river, a bullet hole in his chest. Foul play? Why would anyone order a hit on a generous family man who was just trying to do good? The death is still shrouded in mystery. Authorities almost immediately ruled his death a suicide, but his family says otherwise. Who shoots themselves in the chest to commit suicide, while positioned in just such a way that they will fall into a river?

So let’s unpack the back story. Dr. Bradstreet’s own son was brain damaged following an MMR vaccine at 12 months of age. The experience helped convince the doctor to look into a link between the vaccine and autism. He was working on two leading edge areas of medical inquiry. First, he was doing research that seemed to support the compelling notion that certain vaccines could induce autism. He ended up testifying twice about this before Congress. Second, he was working with a new compound out of Switzerland that was greatly relieving, if not outright curing, cancer and other diseases.

With vaccine revenues over $25 billion and cancer drugs over $100 billion, pharmaceutical industries risk losing huge profits if research like Bradstreet’s continued positively and reached a wide audience. In fact, it could spell the end of numerous mega corporations.

Was there any evidence to document a financial motive? Yes, just three days before his death, Bradstreet’s research facility had been raided by U.S. government agents to shut down his research and halt his treatment of patients. The warrant that describes the items to be seized indicates a motive to protect pharmaceutical dominance and suppress natural cures.

OK, but such an isolated incident doesn’t mean there’s a major conspiracy to suppress cures and eliminate holistic doctors. Maybe he was depressed, or cheating, or got in with the wrong crowd.  Anything is possible but what if I told you there was another holistic doctor, Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, known for helping actress Suzanne Sommers overcome her cancer, who died unexpectedly just a month later. Gonzalez had been in excellent health and his sudden collapse was apparently “cardiac related,” but a subsequent autopsy showed no evidence of this.

All right, two could still be coincidence. What was he working on? Dr. Gonzalez focused a lot on holistic alternatives to radiation and on exposing the dangers and destructive history of the more than 100 chemotherapy drugs, revealing that they were developed from poisonous nerve gas. There is an interview filmed shortly before his death where he emphasizes the importance of patients believing in whatever treatment they choose.

But we don’t know what really happened with either of these two doctors. That’s pretty thin evidence claiming any sort of campaign against holistic doctors. And if there were three? How about five, or eight, or ten?

The tragic reality is that there have been at least thirteen holistic doctors who have “turned up dead or missing” in just a few months. Here is a timeline of recent suspicious doctor deaths in 2015:

June 19th Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet
June 21st Dr. Bruce Hedendal and Dr. Baron Holt found dead on the East coast of Florida. Dr. Hedendal died in his car and Dr. Holt’s cause of death has yet to be officially determined.
June 29th Dr. Theresa Sievers found murdered in her home. Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside goes missing. Reports say he just “walked away.”
July 3rd Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick, MD, goes missing without a trace. His truck and trailer were found on the side of the road.
July 10th Lisa Riley, Doctor of Osteopathy, found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head.
July 19th Dr. Ron Schwartz found murdered by a gunshot wound to the chest in his home on the East Coast of Florida.
July 21st Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez
July 21st Dr. Abdul-Karim, holistic dentist. Found dead on the side of the road at 10pm EST.
July 23rd Dr. Jeffery Whiteside is found dead in Door County with a .22 caliber close to his body.
August 14th Osteopath Dr. Mary Rene Bovier, found stabbed in her home in Sharon, Pennsylvania.
September 16th Dr. Mitch Gaynor is found dead outside his country home outside of Manhattan where he practiced. The local sheriff quickly calls it a suicide.
October 11th Dr. Marie Paas is found dead of an alleged suicide.
October 29th Dr. Jerome Block “jumped” to his death from the Central Park West Apartments.

And what did they have in common besides being “holistic?”Almost all of them were operating in ways that undermined traditional pharmaceutical-based treatments. I can understand the risk of exposing that certain vaccines seem to be causing autism, but what is this cancer treatment they were working with?

TO BE CONTINUED – See Part 2 of A Voice For Change blog

Source: Who is KILLING THE HEALERS and Why? | Thrive

Will you help me be A Voice For Change? Share this with your friends and family. You can help get the word out and help educate others by liking me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google too! Be sure to keep coming back to my blog for up-to-date educational and nutritional information, as well as my  boards offering lots of great idea sharing.

Thanks for caring and sharing.  All the best, Donna Appel
CEO for A Voice For Change and Lead Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation.


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23 Nov

Knowledge to help build a better, safer, kinder world that could save our lives!

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x27873780DEFINING POLITICS:     Knowing What We Are Talking About  Could Save Our Lives

This was written by Foster Gamble, a fellow Thrive Movement member (actually a founding father). I felt it so well written with so much valuable information included, that I just had to make it my job to share it with everyone.  Knowledge is power. I hope you will do the same.  Write to me and let me know your thoughts.  Ask me to send you a list of additional information that you can read, watch and listen to, that is being shared with others around the world.  Together, we can and will make a difference.

’Tis the season once again when the people of middle North America spend extraordinary amounts of their time in political discussions. Despite all the awkwardness and frustration that ensues, it seems almost everyone is after pretty much the same thing: a better, safer, kinder world. Most people want others to have sufficient income, better education, access to healthcare, and freedom from hunger, war and tyranny. They just don’t agree on how to accomplish it.

DemosAdding to the alienation people tend to experience, is the fact that we don’t even have a clear definition of the terms we use to discuss these hot topics. Among the front-running U.S. presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Socialist — an Independent Social Democrat —while Donald Trump was a Democrat turned conservative Republican capitalist. Rand Paul is a Libertarian turned Republican. Progressive used to mean Conservative; Conservatives used to call themselves Liberals; Liberal used to mean what Libertarian means today and now Repubsthe Neo-Cons are called neo-liberals. What in the world do these terms really mean?

If we are going to have fruitful conversations, where we actually learn from one another and move toward a more secure, prosperous and harmonious society, then I think, at a minimum, we need to KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.


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20 Oct

“Practicing” Medicine

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Cancer, Disease, Healthy Alternatives, Knowledge is Power Series, Let Food By Thy Medicine Series, Misc Articles on 20.10.14


Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect Especially in Medicine

It is not a joke – doctors “practice” medicine. That is exactly what they do when they order several tests and poke and prod your body. They are “practicing” blankchalkboardpracticemedicine trying to make a diagnosis as to what is wrong with you. It is the ultimate guessing game. Through testing, they “rule out” possible diagnoses and treat the patient for what appears to be a specific problem. The “practicing” of medicine is then compounded by the drugs that


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06 Apr

Change Your Water, Change Your Life

Posted in Detoxification, Health, Misc Articles on 06.04.14


IDKT (I Didn’t Know That)…


Water-theMovie… water had the capability that it has and seems to be the center of the universe and the key to health, healing and the support of all life. Oh yes, I knew it was necessary for life but after viewing this fantastic documentary, I will never look at water the same. Water has now gained my total respect and awe and you can bet I will be loving it and in constant gratitude for every drop I come in contact with or even think about.

Click here to watch


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22 Dec

Living Your Life in Fear

Posted in Misc Articles on 22.12.13


fearThis is what I have been studying. This excerpt came from Dr. Lloyd from a recent edition of “The Healing Codes” newsletter. Watch for my next article to learn more on how to turn fear into fearless. Follow Coach D on her journey as she explains the process of transformation.

“So much of what is negative in life comes through fear!

The Centers for Disease Control, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Cambridge, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and many medical texts say that stress is the cause of almost every health problem. Harvard talks specifically about how stress affects your relationships and joy in life. Stress also affects how much money you can make in your career.


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18 Dec

Want to live a happier life?

Posted in Misc Articles on 18.12.13


smiley faceTry adding these habits to your daily routine. You will be amazed at what happens when you take back your power and make happiness a priority in your life. Make happiness a habit and experience the joy of daily living. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Take 5 minutes each morning before you rise out of bed and contemplate some happiness for the day. Think of things that you will do and how they will make you happy. If you have a hard time thinking of something, anything, then just think a thought like breathing air makes me happy. Say thank you for the air you breath.


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21 Sep

You Must Love Yourself First

Posted in Food Addiction, Misc Articles, Weight Loss on 21.09.13


loveyourselfAs a health coach and leader in the field of using hCG for detoxification, I thought I would write a bit about our beliefs. What I have realized is that so much of the detoxification process involves the brain and how we look at ourselves from our conscious and subconscious mind. The bottom line is that we all must must must love ourselves to the core of our very being. If we are ever going to be successful in the “get healthy and/or lose weight” reality of our lives, or in any reality of our life for that matter, then we must must must be sure to love ourselves first and foremost.


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22 Aug

Rules to Live By From Great Movie Clips

Posted in Misc Articles on 22.08.13


reelwisdomI viewed a video today. You should too. It’s a recap of great films. It is
well worth the messages that were conveyed and is entitled Lesson on Life.
Here is my recap of what I got from watching it. Let me know yours.

Life is about the choices we make.
Have no regrets and no doubts.
Rejoice, rebound, connect and let go of the fear of loss.
Be all you can be and when opportunity knocks, answer.
Hate leads to the dark side. The force is with you always.
Your focus determines your reality. Protect your dreams.
If you want something go get it. Find the joy in your life.
If you focus on what you left behind, you won’t be able to see what lies ahead.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Love from Coach D, A Voice For Change



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