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13 Jul

Be A Winner – Save Money and Make Your Own Household Cleaner

Posted in Healthy Alternatives, Vinegar on 13.07.13


spraybottleI used to purchase those hefty price tag cleaning products from my grocery store but I don’t anymore. I not only save dollars but I save my home environment from the contaminants and toxins found in most cleaning products. What I do is purchase a great big gallon plus bottle of white vinegar from Costco. Then I take a plastic squirt bottle and mix equal parts of water with the white vinegar. As a final touch, I add a few drops of either peppermint or lemon essential oil to the mixture which takes away the power of the vinegar smell and leaves behind a nice scent of a naturally clean environment. With the dollars I am saving, I now invest that money in purchasing organic produce and meats. For me, this is a win win situation. My health wins, my environment wins, our planet wins. Join me and be a winner too. Together we can all be A Voice For Change!

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