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20 Apr

Iodine – the most misunderstood nutrient

Posted in Alternative Healthcare, Iodine, Vitamins on 20.04.10


I didn’t know that (IDKT) …. there was any therapeutic value of supplementing with iodine until I read in Suzy Cohen’s book “The 24 Hour Pharmacist” that the cause of her “dry eye” was the result of an iodine deficiency. I ran to my local health food store and purchased some kelp and started adding 10 drops to my water a couple times a day. I was amazed that within a couple of days, I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night to put drops in my dry eyes. In fact, I don’t use eye drops at all anymore.

And add to that, I no longer supplement with a pharmaceutical drug for my underactive thyroid condition. My thyroid is now functioning just fine.

Now you know (NYK)! Pass it along and be A VOICE FOR CHANGE.
Namaste (I bow to you), Donna

Info taken from Suzy Cohen’s book “The 24 Hour Pharmacist” and from Dr. David Brownstein’s book “Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It”. For more information go to my links page and order a copy of the books referenced and/or visit Dr. Brownstein’s website http://www.drbrownstein.com


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