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17 Aug

Technology … Can’t live with it … Can’t live without it

Posted in Ampegy on 17.08.11


OK, so my blog posts are not showing up correctly when you click to open them.   I have my trusty assistant working on it.

Never fear … you can still read them on the main page.

We’ll update you when we get this fixed.

Until then … Come and help me be A VOICE FOR CHANGE by learning how you can put a stop to gas and electric company monopolies and save money now.  We’ve already begun and it is working in 8 states.  It’s growing daily.  Email me for more information.  Together we can make a difference.   Empowering what matters


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08 Aug

Why Get Involved in the Utility Industry

Posted in Ampegy on 08.08.11


Why is A Voice For Change getting involved in the utility industry? Good question. I am not just about the health of the human body. I am also about the health of our planet, our inhabitants and our future. When you are done researching Ampegy/Spark Energy, I think you will understand my why. Bottom line is that I want to get the word out there that people have a choice. Give them a tool where they can see if their state/community has been deregulated yet. Give them an opportunity to save on something that they must purchase and consume on a daily basis. In addition, if they are so inclined, I wanted to also give them the opportunity to do what I am doing and help spread the word. To find out more, click on the links below. I think when you are done; you will understand why I got involved. If you have questions and/or would like to hear more, contact me.

Click here to see if you can save on your energy bills…. http://www.avoiceforchange.ampegyservices.com/index.asp


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