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15 Mar

10 Ideas for Detoxing Radiation

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IDKT (I Didn’t Know That)…

radiation…the back lash from the quake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 was still festering but I recently discovered that things are going to continue to get worse before they get better. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to me but sometimes out of sight and out of mind isn’t a good thing. This is why I decided to write about the situation and give you some ideas for detoxing radiation out of your body.

In July, 2013, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) admitted that radioactive water has been leaking from the plant. It is estimated that this radioactive water will hit U.S. shores by 2014 and it will peak sometime in 2016. California has already recorded radioactive rain and Japan has detected radioactive elements in it’s food chain. We need to be prepared and can actually start to protect ourselves now from the dangers of radiation.

Here are 10 ideas for foods you can consume that will help you naturally detox radiation from your body.

  1. Eat seaweed or dulse, wakame, nori, kelp, and blue-green algae, etc. as sea veggies contain a polysaccharide that binds to radioactive strontium which is a big help when it comes to eliminating radiation from the body. These foods are also high in natural iodine.
  2. Consume alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, leafy greens and spirulina as these foods have a high content of chlorophyll which helps protect the body from radiation damage.
  3. Enjoy apples as the pectin binds to radioactive residues.
  4. Serve up the onions which will bind with and deactivate radioactive isotopes.
  5. Cook up the brown rice as it is high in phosphorous and fiber which are terrific for removing harmful toxins.
  6. Get out the pumpkin and eat up. Do this in the fall when the pumpkins are aplenty!
  7. Swallow some bee pollen capsules.
  8. Consume garlic and ginger in most any form you care to; cooked, raw or capsules.
  9. Don’t forget the cold-pressed olive oil. It is great on your salad and is a super detoxer for radiation contamination. Do not cook with olive oil. Consume it raw.
  10. Beets will also help cleanse the body and are best consumed in their raw form for best performance. If you are not a beet eater, put some into a smoothie.

Consuming a variety of these foods is recommended as these foods work in different ways. You’ll want to be sure that you get all the protection and cleansing power you can. And why you are at it, you may want to take an iodine supplement. A Voice For Change in coordination with the New Medicine Foundation has a great iodine supplement. At $10 for 90 tablets, no one should be complaining that it is too expensive. Check it out here and make sure you have plenty on hand for your entire family http://www.avoiceforchange.com/products/puredine-by-purecell/

Of course there is no better way that I know of for eliminating toxins than doing an hCG detox to make sure your body is cleansed of toxic stored fat cells. If you are interested finding out more about our detox programs, Contact Coach D at support@avoiceforchange.com


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