Living Your Life in Fear

fearThis is what I have been studying. This excerpt came from Dr. Lloyd from a recent edition of “The Healing Codes” newsletter. Watch for my next article to learn more on how to turn fear into fearless. Follow Coach D on her journey as she explains the process of transformation.

“So much of what is negative in life comes through fear!

The Centers for Disease Control, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Cambridge, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and many medical texts say that stress is the cause of almost every health problem. Harvard talks specifically about how stress affects your relationships and joy in life. Stress also affects how much money you can make in your career.

How can it do that? Well, stress does five things: it makes you sick, makes you tired, drains your energy, dumbs you down, causes you to come at everything from a negative perspective and causes you to fail.

On the physiological level everything negative in your life comes from stress. Physiological stress is create when your fear response is triggered by what is perceived as a threatening situation. Fear is triggered because your cellular memories or your unconscious or subconscious mind associate something that is happening in your world with some kind of danger. Of course, not everything that triggers stress is actually dangerous, but all that matters is that something within your past experience tells you that it is.”

You want to rid your body of excess weight and toxins.

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