Get Reconnected. The World of Energy Healing is Here to Stay!

EFT-ClearThe Reconnection™ is a comprehensive spectrum of vibrational frequencies with the power to catalyze spontaneous healings. Embodying universal intelligence that surpasses technique and technology, these frequencies are accessible to those who encounter it, regardless of spiritual orientation or prior experience with healing. Across the world, everyday people have transformed into extraordinary healing facilitators, by learning how to apply these frequencies in service to those in need. If you believe in the transcendent power of healing; if you want to extract healthcare from the hands of corporate greed; and if you know that a shift in consciousness can lead to personal and global evolution, you are in the right place. Donna Appel became a certified Reconnective Healing® Practitioner in 2008 and has been facilitating the exchange of frequencies ever since.

Reconnective Healing™ sessions typically last 45 minutes, and one to three sessions are normally recommended, with most clients experiencing relief after the first session. Donna Appel is able to service anyone from any location in the world through remote healing. We would set up a mutually convenient time and experience a healing via the phone/Skype. Call or e-mail for further information – Remote healing sessions are possible. If you would like to schedule a session, click here ….

The Reconnection™ is always facilitated in two sessions, ideally on consecutive days. Reconnections are done only one time in a person’s life and must have the practitioner present. They are meant to reconnect a person to the gridlines of the universe that we were disconnected from in the past. It is an awesome process and can be life changing. After my Reconnection, I found myself in a whole new career doing what I love to do. Try it if you are looking to change your path in life. Remote reconnections are not possible. If you live in either the Phoenix, Arizona or Lake Worth, Florida area and would like to schedule a Reconnection, click here …. Call or e-mail for further information –

That’s my message for the day. Enjoy life, love and happiness always, Coach D, Donna Appel, A Voice For Change ….

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