Pink Slime Making a Come Back in Our Schools

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What is your child eating?

… pink slime is making a comeback. It seems to be that time of year again and pink slime is coming back into the news. Last year Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota were the three states that were buying the controversial USDA approved ground beef better known as pink slime for use in their school lunch programs. This year, Politico reports that as of September 3rd, 2013, two million pounds of this yuck has been purchased by seven states. Read their article:

I’m so disappointed. Why would districts in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia, in addition to the three that were doing it last year, continue to put our children in further health danger by having them eat this disgusting meat-like substance? They say it cuts the cost of ground beef by approximately three percent, but is anyone asking the big questions like: What’s the cost to our children’s health? Are we being penny wise and pound foolish? I think we are.

As a credit to Harrisonburg, Virginia, their school nutrition program director, Andrea Early said that they will not be serving pink slime to their students. I might add that they haven’t been since this controversy came to light in 2012. Instead of falling prey to the powers that be, this school district is looking to procure beef from local farmers who raise cattle in a more sustainable way. My hat is off to Andrea Early. Way to go Andrea! Here is an article talking about the changes she has made:

School districts apparently get entitlement dollars that they can spend on USDA foods. There are other choices for spending that money on USDA products like whole-grain items. Pink slime is not their only option. If Harrisonburg can get its act together with a farm-to-school lunch program, why can’t other schools? They have been doing this since 2007.

I might add that schools have a choice when they select the type of beef they want to serve in their cafeterias. They also have choices with other food items. I understand budgets but when we put money and budgets before the health of our children, we need to face reality and understand that the dollar saved today, could very well be the hundreds of dollars we spend tomorrow on failing health. As Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine”. He also said “Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.” I think he would be turning in his grave if he knew what we labeled as “food” and “help” these days. Lets get with it America. Our future depends on it.

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